Tuesday, 2022-11-29

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sadoon[m]Are the meeting times affected by DST?06:26
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lkclthey're fixed at UTC.08:13
lkclbtw i had to move back to tuesday, david can't do thursday (at all)08:13
sadoon[m]That's fine with me :)10:58
sadoon[m]It's a little difficult but still manageable, would be 11-11:45PM here10:58
sadoon[m]<lkcl> "they're fixed at UTC." <- I'm a little timezone illiterate, I read about it a little and now understand how UTC works :P10:59
sadoon[m]We don't do daylight savings here so all we know it GMT+3 and +/- 2 hours for close nations11:00
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gnucodeI suppose that I am early to the meeting...19:57
gnucodeI just joined the meeting.20:04
gnucodeI can't actually speak, 'cause I am at work.20:04
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markos_gnucode, your mic was unmuted20:26
gnucodejust now?20:27
gnucodeis it still unmuted?20:27
markos_doesn't seem to be, we just heard some soya sauce discussion, no worries :)20:27
gnucodeoh.  I just muted it again.20:28
gnucodehopefully that works.20:28
markos_we all thought it was some new encryption algorithm :)20:28
gnucodeI was bragging about my bread that I just made.20:28
gnucodehahaha.  :)20:28
markos_happened again :)20:32
gnucodeI will work on it.20:32
gnucodeI thought I had set my phone to mute.   sorry20:36
gnucodewhat is in intrinsic?20:47
gnucodean assembly instruction?20:47
programmerjakea special function defined by the compiler that translates to a specific instruction20:49
gnucodeah.  So 25,000 special functions...just slows things down.  gotcha.20:50
programmerjakeits basically a way for the compiler to define a new operation like the + operator except it doesn't need a language extension since it looks like a standard function call20:53
gnucodeprogrammerjake: thanks for explaining it to me.20:54
markos_gnucode, sorry about that, your mic is unmuted again20:58
gnucodemarkos_: can you all just mute my mike?20:59
gnucodeI have muted it here, as far as I can tell.20:59
gnucodeIf you can't mute my mike, then please let me know.  I suppose that I will have to leave the metting.  :(20:59
markos_I can't personally, but I'll ask21:00
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gnucodesounds like ya'll should use guix.21:49
gnucodethat makes dependencies easier to manage.21:49
gnucodeand you can easily define package varients.21:49
gnucodethanks for letting me join in the meeting ya'll!22:07
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programmerjakeoh, it is openssh that uses NTRU -- the post-quantum algorithm we were talking about22:09
programmerjake* ssh(1), sshd(8): use the hybrid Streamlined NTRU Prime + x25519 key exchange method by default ("sntrup761x25519-sha512@openssh.com").22:11
programmerjakeThe NTRU algorithm is believed to resist attacks enabled by future quantum computers and is paired with the X25519 ECDH key exchange (the previous default) as a backstop against any weaknesses in NTRU Prime that may be discovered in the future. The combination ensures that the hybrid exchange offers at least as good security as the status quo.22:12
programmerjakeWe are making this change now (i.e. ahead of cryptographically- relevant quantum computers) to prevent "capture now, decrypt later" attacks where an adversary who can record and store SSH session ciphertext would be able to decrypt it once a sufficiently advanced quantum computer is available.22:13
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