Monday, 2023-01-09

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Ritishlkcl, to confirm, am I at the right place:
Ritishonce the microwatt part is done, I think I can try implementing it on Arty A7, hmmm06:53
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Ritishgrep -r microwatt gives too many files hahah11:21
Ritishbtw, am I supposed to build the kernel before doing anything with these files11:21
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lkclRitish: if you've done anything - anything at all - with microwatt - then LITERALLY just substitute the core.16:03
lkclthen you repeat whatever-it-was-that-you-dif17:07
lkclthe idea here is to demonstrate that the libresoc.v core works, but by leveraging a KNOWN GOOD position17:08
lkcl(to you)17:08
lkclthe ONLY change that you make is17:08
lkclsubstitute the core17:08
lkclnothing and i do mean NOTHING else17:08
lkclthat is absolutely critically important17:08
lkclDO NOT attempt to change substitute the core AND {insert-anything-else, no matter what it is}17:09
lkclONLY do EXACTLY and PRECISELY what you have done before17:09
lkclthis is an extremely important Engineering / Knowledge (Epistemology / Advaita Vedanta) lesson that you *cannot* get "university courses" about17:10
lkclit is *applied* Advaita Vedanta.  unfortunately you need to go back about 10 years of very stupid edits to the wikipedia page to find a good definition17:11
lkcl1 se17:11
lkclUpamāṇa (उपमान)17:15
lkclif the difference is zero (in the *results*) then you KNOW that the functionality is the same17:16
lkclbut if you make TWO changes, and there is a difference (in the results), how do you know which change caused the difference?17:17
lkclyou can't tell, can you?17:17
lkclit could be either OR BOTH of the changes17:17
lkclthe vast majority of what i do is using that comparison-inference technique, to track down any problems17:18
lkclthis is also not taught in schools or universities.17:18
openpowerbot[mattermost] <Ritish> didn't think a sanskrit word would be brought up here fr haha17:20
openpowerbot[mattermost] <Ritish> Okay, I think I've got the idea now, Previously I only ran microwatt, like, an led popped up(kind of)17:23
openpowerbot[mattermost] <Ritish> And this time, instead of the original microwatt core (of my initial experiment on microwatt) I'll just replace it with libresoc.v (which is to be renamed as microwatt.v)17:23
openpowerbot[mattermost] <Ritish> Very clear!17:23
openpowerbot[mattermost] <Ritish> Initially, I thought we were kind of interchanging the names of libresoc.v and external_top_core.v17:23
openpowerbot[mattermost] <Ritish> Which brought me nowhere lol17:24
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ghostmansdHi folks, how are you? Long time no see.18:22
ghostmansdI'm still slowly moving towards assembly.18:22
ghostmansd[m]Hi programmerjake! Any news or updates from your side?18:39
programmerjakenot much, though i finally got my computer reassembled after we had new flooring installed18:40
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* lkcl salutes ghostmansd19:59
lkclprogrammerjake, and has everyone now got the lurghi from the workmen? :)20:00
programmerjakeno, actually...though my brothers did get sick right before then so we celebrated christmas (and my brother's birthday which was dec 3) on jan 1st instead -- better late than never!20:03
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ghostmansdFuck. I spent literally several hours trying to understand why postinc didn't work.20:48
ghostmansdLong story short, the instruction name is changed dynamically.20:48
ghostmansdif 'u' in ins_name and self.is_svp64_mode:20:49
ghostmansdldst_pi = yield self.dec2.rm_dec.ldst_postinc20:49
ghostmansdif ldst_pi:20:49
ghostmansdins_name = ins_name.replace("u", "up")20:49
ghostmansdSo annoying and weird.20:49
ghostmansdMeanwhile tests explicitly check sv.ldu/pi.20:49
ghostmansdDo we really need to support this instead of allowing only sv.ldup?20:51
ghostmansdOK, I think I understand how it works. Creep.21:11
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