Monday, 2023-01-30

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RitishHey peeps, to a productive week ahead c:05:24
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octaviusHi Ritish, this week will be FOSDEM, so may be quieter than usual, but hopefully.10:03
octaviusAs for that question you asked on Friday (sorry for the late response): microwatt-verilator MUST be compiled first (verilator converts HDL to a c++ code which is then compiled to a binary that you run like any other program). After being compiled you can run microwatt-verilator. BUT, make sure you set up microwatt-verilator correctly (I never confirmed whether I did it right, because none of my computers are powerful enough, yet)10:05
sadoon[m]Speaking of productivity10:42
sadoon[m]My FOSDEM calendar schedule is looking like a mess, too many good talks to attend all at conflicting times :(10:43
markossadoon[m], keep in mind that the rooms are small and you may have to be there quite early if you want to grab a seat10:47
markosand they are in different buildings10:47
markosit's not uncommon to go and get a seat in the room you want from a quite earlier talk and just stay there10:47
markosotherwise there is a risk of being left out10:48
sadoon[m]Damn that makes it more difficult10:48
sadoon[m]Perhaps keeping those conflicting events in my calendar is a good idea just in case that happens10:48
markosusually they group the talks by theme, so it's good to stay in the same room for similar talks10:48
markosbut you may miss a talk or two while moving to another building10:49
sadoon[m]Unfortunately I'm interested in way too many themes :P10:49
sadoon[m]Definitely prioritizing anything related to FPGAs and embedded systems though10:49
octaviusWe could try to cover a range of themes, then share our findings afterwards10:50
octaviusThere's also a bunch embedded/hardware I'd like to hear about10:50
sadoon[m]It's an option and something we can discuss during our dinner10:51
octaviusthen all the open-source software....10:51
sadoon[m]I have a printed schedule that I'm marking in addition to my online calendar10:51
markosthere is a nice android app I used previously, fosdem companion10:58
markosI don't know if it's updated for 2023 though10:59
sadoon[m]It is, and so is the FOSDEM schedule app11:00
sadoon[m]They're quite good11:00
sadoon[m]I used the FOSDEM schedule app to export all the calendar meetings to my own calendar11:01
sadoon[m]*all the ones I'm interested in ofc11:01
markostoshywoshy, which reminds me, do we have a room booked during fosdem?11:20
markosor do we plan to meet in a room there?11:21
markosfwiw, I only have a couple of talks I would like to see in K building between 13:00-15:3011:21
markosOpen Media ones11:21
markosapart from that, I'm pretty flexible11:21
markoslkcl, ^11:22
sadoon[m]Dinner will be on the first of February correct?11:24
markosWednesday and Thursday, iiuc11:35
sai__octavius, no problem! Hmm Hmm I understand11:47
sai__to confirm, I require a dtbImage.microwatt to run the simulation?11:49
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Ritishor I could just do ./microwatt-verilator12:03
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octaviusIf you want to simulate Microwatt (the CPU) running Linux, then yes, you need dtbImage.microwatt (a pre-built image can be found here: Also you need the sdram init (see section 1.2 of the microwatt wiki page)13:08
octaviusBear in mind, it will take a while. How long did it take to get to login prompt lkcl?13:10
octaviusOn your workstation that it is ^13:10
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cesarI decided not to bring my OrangeCrab FPGA to Brussels due to possible headaches at customs, since I didn't buy it myself directly (Tobias did).16:10
cesarAnyway, I'm not focusing on FPGA development right now.16:11
lkcloctavius: on verilator? with microwatt? about 3 hours16:24
lkclwith liber-soc? estimated 36 hours16:24
lkclsadoon[m], that's pretty normal :)16:25
lkclwe need to monitor several16:25
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