Thursday, 2023-02-02

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sadoon[m]Nice meeting you all indeed :D07:50
sadoon[m]Speaking of which, when and where are we meeting?07:51
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> Good morning everybody, no hangovers I hope.08:42
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <toshywoshy> Cafe metropool08:42
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> Thank you08:46
sadoon[m]What time?08:49
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <toshywoshy> I am on my way,...09:11
sadoon[m]I have a small errand I need to run first09:14
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> We are having breakfast09:14
sadoon[m]Perfect then, I've already eaten, need to get a jacket, long story heh09:15
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <toshywoshy> I just reached09:27
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> On our way Luke to follow later09:31
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> He is shuffling about, so may not be too long.09:31
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> Good morning chaps, just got up, will let you know when on my way09:31
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> On the tram, sorry took awhile to pack11:08
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> Don’t worry Luke’s not up yet11:15
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Yah. He up. Just getting ready. On way soon :-)11:15
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> O our way11:23
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Hi guys, Lukey is alive and feeling a bit more compost mentalist. Are you coming to the ibis to do a little light hackification? If so, I suspect Lukey is up for it.14:17
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> 14:18
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> I have confirmed Chez Kimchi for Korean barbecue tomorrow :-)14:20
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> 183014:20
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> 4 Rue De La Fourche14:21
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> 12 people.14:21
sadoon[m]I have to do some shopping for my parents and I'm worried tomorrow might be too crowded for shopping14:21
sadoon[m]Re: the hackathing14:22
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> What I understood is that we’ll meet back at Metropole by 4pm, unless we’re changing that to ibis14:22
sadoon[m]I'll get my laptop with me just in case (pun intended)14:23
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> I think we also talked about working at the ibis which is quieter and has plenty of power cables.14:25
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Or in Toshaan’s suite.14:25
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Anyway, just decide and let us know.14:26
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <lkcl> hey folks where we were last night has 4 power points in the "internet" corner14:27
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <lkcl> and there is a big table with 8 chairs and a powerpoint further along14:28
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> You mean the place in the gallant we had food14:55
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> No.  He means at the inis14:56
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Ibis14:56
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Where we had beer.14:56
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <toshywoshy> We're switching Korean BBQ to tonight and something else to tomorrow14:56
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <toshywoshy> OK, let's meet at the IBIS INA bit14:57
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Ah! Are we? Ok. Do you want me to ring them to see if they can do that?14:58
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> @toshywoshy did you want me to ring them? Or have you made other arrangements?15:02
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <toshywoshy> Made arrangements already15:09
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <toshywoshy> I presume we're not hacking now?15:10
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> We are going for coffee and waffel+ice cream15:11
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Maison Dandoy15:11
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> In grand place15:12
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss> Actually went to the metropole. Will go back to hotel to leave laptop.15:20
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> Ok catch up and we will look out for you15:21
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> It is the other side of Grand place.15:26
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Maison Dandoy15:26
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> +32 2 512 65 8815:26
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton>
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> @sadoon There is a whole BBQ set which should be suitable :-) And we can keep one whole bbq grill for that :-) So this says seafood soup, seafood pancake, bbw with prawns, squid, fish, vegetable, fried or steamed rice. :-)17:05
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> We have three grills. So will work really well :-)17:07
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> @soodan can we order that for you?17:33
sadoon[m]I'm here17:34
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cesarmarkos: have to give you back the FPGA...18:28
markoscesar, tomorrow is fine18:29
openpowerbot_[irc] <bee[m]1> > [irc] <programmerjake> about the closest thing is daily kanban emails on the mailing list that most of us forget to send, e.g.:
openpowerbot_[irc] <bee[m]1> Got it. If this place is appropriate for suggestions, a weekly/monthly digest of project activity is nice to have. I do one for my project, it's a ton of work but it's the only way for project fans to follow it without reading all chats and emails.18:46
openpowerbot_[irc] <bee[m]1> Or maybe it is too early to invest in such effort, I don't know.18:47
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss> Here follows my latest version of my Sunday talk, for review. Feel free to make suggestions.22:14
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss>  Still have some missing slides, and possible will cut out some to fit the 15 min slot. Still have some missing slides, and possible will cut out some to fit the 15 min slot. :22:15
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss> (IRC and Matrix users, try this link:
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss> Frankly, I suspect the audience is maybe more interested on project mission, status and future work, and not so much on deep technical stuff, so there's a balance to make on slide content.22:28
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss> FOSDEM page for the talk is here:
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss> (It's a Lightning talk)22:41
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