Sunday, 2023-02-05

sadoon[m]<openpowerbot_> "[mattermost] <octavius> Sadoon..." <- Alright I'll hurry up06:43
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> Good morning, I’ll get to you at around 8:3007:06
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> We can take the 71 bus from De Brouckere straight to ULB (David you might want to consider it too as it’s not far from ibis)07:08
sadoon[m]Alright good07:10
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> Sadoon, if we can meet by De Brouckere instead, the bus at 8:34 will get us there for 8:5507:10
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> That’s the coordinates for the De Brouckere bus stop07:13
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> 07:13
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> 50.85064° N, 4.35305° E07:13
sadoon[m]I need to eat breakfast first so I might not make it to there on time07:14
sadoon[m]I'll try to hurry up07:14
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> Ok, shall I head off without you (if I make it to the bus on time)?07:21
sadoon[m]Yeah sure07:21
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> Also, the direction of the 71 bus is towards Delta07:22
sadoon[m]On my way07:29
sadoon[m]I'm there07:32
sadoon[m]But it says only line 29 is there07:33
sadoon[m]There's no 7107:34
sadoon[m]Oh nvm07:35
sadoon[m]Here it is07:35
sadoon[m]This is confusing07:38
sadoon[m]octavius I'm coming on the tram, stupid bus didn't come07:55
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <octavius> The bus is very cramped, so I don’t recommend it08:04
sadoon[m]I'm on the tram08:05
sadoon[m]Live streaming "self hosting"08:05
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss> Where is the 11am NLnet event going to be?08:59
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Probably in the same place as yeatersay09:00
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> UB building.09:00
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Floor 2.09:00
sadoon[m]iirc, the same room as yesterday09:01
sadoon[m]Anyone wanna go to the coffee shop?09:18
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss> Indeed! Found it on the schedule. Room UB2.147.09:20
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> Toshaan will you be at the NLnet event?09:27
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> We are just leaving hotel09:27
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> We are at the nlnet event10:02
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sadoon[m]Welcome André!10:13
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <cesar_strauss> Just saw some of you coming in and out of the lightning room, were I am seated...12:25
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <davidc> Luke and I in front row13:03
sadoon[m]Me André and Nicholas are on the way13:06
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> As am I omw!13:06
Ryuno-KiAndrJaenMust be a doubleganger13:10
sadoon[m]Hahahaha indeed13:12
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sadoon[m]Some bits of info I have found about FSi:16:34
sadoon[m]1- the talks in the 2022 conference were *really* interesting and niche to our field, really awesome stuff.16:34
sadoon[m]2- NLNet was there in 202216:34
sadoon[m]3- participation is free of charge but attendance must be reserved by emailing ahead of time16:34
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sadoon[m]The wiki contains no info of the planned 2023 conference but we do have Luca's contact info to ask him16:37
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sadoon[m]So that we know the dates, venue, etc16:37
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sadoon[m]Omw to menma17:12
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <danleighton> Just going to secure seat.17:14
sadoon[m]I'm there17:15
sadoon[m]Want me to take care of that?17:15
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sadoon[m]Thanks a lot guys this was an absolutely awesome experience, and I hope we do this every year! It was nice meeting all of you :D22:03
jni forgot to meet any of you, but i talked with Michiel from nlnet :)22:04
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sadoon[m]Hopefully we meet next year :p23:00
sadoon[m]So guys funny story, flight got canceled due to snow at Istanbul so I have one more day and have been upgraded to business class xD23:01
sadoon[m](I assume that it's due to snow but all they said was "weather conditions")23:02
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