Saturday, 2023-02-18

lkclprogrammerjake, v3.0 only. not backwards-to-v2.0601:23
lkclawilfox said it's fine to emulate the missing instructions: the linux kernel already has paulus's instruction-emulator module for exactly that purpose01:24
lkclwhich leaves the linux kernel itself as the only priority target that, for the e5500, a special package would be needed01:24
lkcl(one that compiles natively for v2.06)01:24
lkclawilfox, we're not actually permitted to implement v2.06 instructions, under the OpenPower Foundation ISA EULA.01:26
lkcl(nobody is)01:26
lkclor... you can... but because it's Trademarked you have to remove *all* mention of "Power" from everything associated with it01:26
lkclincluding all git commit history.01:26
lkcland you *definitely* can't add a commit "-POWER +somethingelse"01:27
programmerjakekeeping isa v3.0 -- less work for me...01:27
programmerjakelkcl, can you create a git repo to stuff our patched rust in?01:28
programmerjakecan you name it rust-ppc-sffs.git?01:29
lkclhere's the trap-and-emulate module that paul mackerras wrote.
lkclprogrammerjake, tomorrow. it's 1:30 am here.01:29
lkcldo cross-reference this irc discussion in the bugreport as what you're doing is covered by the "ongoing" NLnet grant (helping sadoon with porting)01:30
programmerjakeoh, i attached the patch to bug #999 and commented01:31
lkclreally, this is exactly the kind of thing that should be in a script, as a "distro package patch" - like debian01:35
lkclexcept you're not f*****g well PERMITTED to f*****g well do that under the f*****g f*****d f*****g Trademark License for Rust!!!01:36
lkclthat's a good point01:36
programmerjakethey're changing their trademark license01:36
lkclno, i will not be creating a rust repo01:36
lkclit constitutes "distribution" and is Unlawful.01:36
lkclyou'll have to get it submitted upstream.01:36
programmerjakeonce we settle on an official target triple name, i'll submit it upstream as a new target01:37
programmerjakeoh, actually our use is explicitly permitted by the trademark policy:01:40
programmerjakeDistributing a modified version of the Rust programming language, compiler, or the Cargo package manager, provided that the modifications are limited to:01:41
programmerjakecode adjustments for the purpose of porting to a different platform, architecture, or system, or integrating the software with the packaging system of that platform; or01:41
programmerjakeunder Uses that do not require explicit approval01:41
programmerjakeapparently they finished revising their trademark policy, it's now based on the python trademark policy01:44
programmerjakeafaict, though i could be wrong01:45
lkclso it's still a nonfree license. not interested.02:39
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sadoon[m]87 of about 870 packages failed to rebuild without vsx/altivec10:57
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sadoon[m]This is a bit problematic, from a quick glance it seems that most of these packages assume altivec + vsx on p9 and try to build with it regardless of what we instruct gcc and make.conf10:59
sadoon[m]I think adding a triplet is indeed the best option even at this early stage, I'll look into it11:02
sadoon[m]It will hopefully better communicate with these configure scripts that we do indeed not want altivec and vsx11:02
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lkclsadoon[m], talk with toshywoshy as he may have done a lot of patches already to "fix" some of those issues11:51
lkclbut yes... the triplet should be powerpc64lesffs-linux-gnu-11:52
lkcllibc6 is going to be the worst offender11:53
lkcla spanish guy has been submitting patches that finally got accepted upstream, "#ifdef POWER9 --> vsx instructions" he replaced that with "#ifdef VSX" but you have to keep an eye on it11:54
lkclnone of the "#ifdef POWER9 --> vsx" patches should *ever* have been accepted upstream, it's a blatant violation of the development rules for libc611:55
lkcl(and common sense)11:55
lkclbut people just didn't have time / pay enough attention, and why would you when there's only IBM POWER hardware for the past 12+ years?11:55
lkclbut, given that toshywoshy had things running with powerel-sffs, you should have "clean sailing"11:56
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sadoon[m]Yeah I hope16:49
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sadoon[m]This is awesome. I was looking for a huge whiteboard I used to use for project planning etc, and when I found it, it had my 2020 plan to build a minimalist gentoo that only includes software known to work across x86, x86_64, ppc, ppc64, and ppc64le20:46
sadoon[m]The irony is yet again I am using it to plan my gentoo build :D20:46
sadoon[m]In fact one of the tasks on the whiteboard was to study OpenPOWER and implement it in SystemVerilog little by little, oh how naive I was20:48
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