Wednesday, 2023-02-22

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lkclcesar, a nmigen-boards platform file is needed, copied from migen and adapted.10:17
lkclthen the simple blinky can be done.10:17
lkclwithout blinky working first it is just not possible to even do anything.10:18
cesarI'll try a Verilog blinky, first, to see that nextpnr-xilinx is really working for the Nexys Video.10:23
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lkclwithout a platform file (the pin-definition) you will not even be able to do that.10:28
lkclnmigen-boards auto-generates the pin-definition file10:28
lkclyou could hand-create a pin-definition file10:28
lkcland no, nextpnr-xilinx does not "work" for the xc7200t because it needs adding to grab the database file10:28
lkclline 8610:29
lkclbbasm on xc7200t has to be added10:29
lkclyou can start by compiling the blinky example for the art7-a7-100t10:29
lkclbut just not upload it10:29
lkclthen look in the build/ directory10:30
lkcland hand-modify the results (and command-scripts) particularly the pin-definition file10:30
lkclto match the nexys-video10:30
lkclthat's the short-cuts i'd take10:31
lkclshould be very quick10:31
lkclok i'm travelling again10:31
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sadoon[m]<lkcl> "ok i'm travelling again" <- Fun? :)11:10
sadoon[m]I was reminded of what you said yesterday re: nvme drives11:12
sadoon[m]My i7 1260p laptop (4P+8E cores) built all of my packages in gentoo on -j10 much faster than my Talos at -j7211:12
sadoon[m]The actual compilation is slower, but because the drive is so fast all the other stages were much faster11:12
sadoon[m]I should start using tmpfs since I have more than enough RAM to do so :)11:12
sadoon[m]Unfortunately while nvme drives are getting cheap(er) it's not possible to install one on my Talos unless I need only one single drive, I absolutely need 8 SATA drives for easy hotswapping11:13
sadoon[m]Only 2 PCIe slots, one for GPU and one for SATA11:14
markosah, because you have a single cpu installed?11:16
sadoon[m]That and it's a Talos Lite which has the second socket ripped off11:20
sadoon[m]But sells for much cheaper11:20
sadoon[m]Relatively speaking heh11:21
sadoon[m]tmpfs works though :)11:21
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programmerjakeyou can get pciex16 cards that split out to 4 nvme drives (the cheaper ones require the cpu to be able to run it as 4x pciex4, idk if power9 supports that)20:51
programmerjakethe cheaper ones should be quite cheap since they're basically just wires on a pcb and 4 nvme sockets20:54
programmerjakethe more expensive ones should have a pcie switch chip20:55
markosjust got myself an Amfeltec Squid PCIe 4x NVME pci card myself, this one is with a pcie switch chip21:00
markoshaven't installed it yet21:00
sadoon[m]<programmerjake> "you can get pciex16 cards that..." <- I've tried an Asus one which didn't work and basically gave up21:07
sadoon[m]Might attempt in the future if I can find them cheap so it's not a gamble21:07
programmerjakethen you probably need the pcie switch cuz that sounds like power9 doesn't support 4x pciex4 mode21:08
sadoon[m]Currently attempting to get webengine to work well21:10
sadoon[m]It was working fine for a while and then it just wasn't.. Very weird21:10
sadoon[m]Trying some patches from archpower21:10
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sadoon[m]It feels futile since qtwebengine 6 is coming out but ughh21:13
sadoon[m]I'll take a few attempts what the heck21:14
markospower9 can actually support bifurcation, but only up to 3x with the asus, however, the firmware has to be modified, that's why I gave up myself as well and got the pci-e switch version21:15
markosthe talos II rather21:16
sadoon[m]Can you point me towards one that has a pcie switch?21:16
sadoon[m]I might be able to Frankenstein a SAS to SATA pcie device as well as nvme drives then21:16
sadoon[m]Or hell at least a few nvme drives so it's not just the one21:17
markos <- 2x nvme, <- 4x nvme21:17
markosI got the 4x one21:17
markoshaven't tested it first, but I don't expect any problems to be honest21:18
sadoon[m]Heh that's expensive damn21:18
sadoon[m]Anyways it's midnight and I'm about to pull my hair out thanks to webengine, I'll take some rest :')21:19
sadoon[m]I can't figure out why it stopped working..21:19
markoswe do have a meeting if you're interested, in case you've forgotten21:19
sadoon[m]I was playing youtube videos even so I'm 100% sure javascript was working too21:19
sadoon[m]What time?21:19
markosright now21:19
markosdon't you get the reminder?21:19
sadoon[m]Alright since I'm awake..21:20
sadoon[m]Not for this one because it starts at 12am for me :)21:20
markosthat's the spirit :)21:20
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programmerjakemarkos and others who aren't subscribed to libre-soc-org: i created the bug for creating a compilers grant request:
lkclfolks the librebmc zoom id is invalid, david is creating one will send it to me22:56
lkclit'll be in notes
lkcland todd should be able to update the calendar invite22:56
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octaviuslkcl, is the zoom link working for you>22:57
lkcloctavius, ^ "lkcl> folks the librebmc zoom id is invalid" ^^23:00
lkcluse one above.23:00
lkclahh you're in :)23:01
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