Tuesday, 2023-02-28

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Ritishlkcl, since i'm on a server now, I was having an issue with changing ownership10:27
Ritishthe "chown" command10:28
RitishI was wondering what I need to mention in place of the sudo user10:29
Ritishnot very clear about it10:29
Ritishanother error I was facing is: I am missing two files: 1) test_caller.py and 2) srsv.csv or smth like that10:31
Ritishtried rerrunning the scripts O.o10:31
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lkclRitish: you cannot use the scripts.  they specifically and exclusively rely on being able to install software as root.15:35
lkclif you do not have root, you need to get it - some way.15:35
lkclsadoon[m], the bar you've raised there is about 10x higher than expected/required! :)15:36
lkclif bash is working that's spectacular15:36
lkcland if openssh server/client is working that's a massive cause for celebration (under sysvinit - don't for god's sake make it rely on systemd, i simply won't go near it)15:37
sadoon[m]I'm feeling bad because this is still p915:37
lkclthen skip them - entirely.15:37
sadoon[m]Sorry I got you too excited15:37
sadoon[m]I'm doing openrc15:37
lkclyou're taking on way too much15:37
lkclahh goood15:38
sadoon[m]So no worries there15:38
lkclwe need core packages.  userspace GUI applications are the kind of thing that's the absolute last priority15:38
lkclcore packages absolute top priority15:38
sadoon[m]lkcl: I bet gui will be fine15:38
lkclcompilers second priority (i mean, compilers running under the guest itself)15:39
lkclnetworking (remote login) third priority15:39
sadoon[m]From my last attempt it seems the things that will cause most issues are stuff like ffmpeg, vpx, and some security related stuff15:39
lkclGUI applications absolute lowest priority to the extend that i'm not even going to allocate any funding to htem15:39
sadoon[m]Some of them refuse to build without a new gcc/clang target I assume15:39
lkclyep. absolute last priority15:40
lkclthere is too much to get done to get "stuck" on compiling up tens of thousands of packages15:40
sadoon[m]Right now I'm just finishing up my actual workstation15:40
sadoon[m]Because I needed faster storage15:40
sadoon[m]I just btrfs raid-0'd my /15:41
lkclRitish: if you want to "pretend" to be running root then you need to install e.g. qemu and install everything under a KVM guest.15:41
sadoon[m](Don't worry I'll make regular full disk backups ;)15:41
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lkclwell if you reduced the number of packages down to the absolute essentials (reducing by a factor of at least 10-100, by hard-eliminating *all* GUI applications for example) then that would reduce the load, wouldn't it?15:42
lkclbottom line, sadoon[m], the amount of money available remains fixed. if you do more work than is necessary, you still get the same amount of money!15:42
sadoon[m]For the sffs? Yes15:42
sadoon[m]For my workstation I do need the *speeed*15:42
lkclahhh :)15:43
sadoon[m]But raid-0 helps make compilations faster anyways15:43
lkclokaaay, so you're actually doing this because *you* want a faster workstation, haha.15:43
sadoon[m]lkcl: Dw I'll do GUI anyways, but like you said, lower priority15:43
sadoon[m]At some point we'll need GUI to run so might as well discover the issues early on15:43
lkcloctavius is doing "printf()" level test programs, that report "yes or no" on the console "this encryption worked"15:44
sadoon[m]i.e. if I can get xfce/lxqt + dwm or something to that effect I'll call it a day, after we're done with all the important stuff15:44
lkclif you can support him with that it would be fantastic.15:45
lkclpersonally i'd be happy with fvwm2 - run from "startx" with a ~/.xinitrc script (no login console)15:45
sadoon[m]I'll look into after gentoo is in a shape I'm comfortable with on sffs15:45
sadoon[m]lkcl: I can almost guarantee you that'll be fine15:46
sadoon[m]The biggest issue I'm actually running into is configuring the linux kernel, it's absolute hell15:46
sadoon[m]Even for the G515:46
lkclehhm yes15:46
sadoon[m]It's not difficult, just time consuming15:46
lkcltry the microwatt linux-5.7 config15:46
sadoon[m]Figuring out the modules you need etc15:46
lkclby joel shenki15:47
lkclyyeah this is normal15:47
sadoon[m]Microwatt will probably be missing a lot of stuff and gentoo also does custom patches, I tried the archpower one and it didn't work15:47
lkclit's SFFS.15:47
sadoon[m]Ah, awesome15:47
sadoon[m]Then I'll definitely look at it15:48
lkcland has already been demonstrated running an initramfs15:48
lkclso that saves you an absolutely vast amount of pissing about15:48
sadoon[m]I hope to be done with ALL my main machines here today or I'll go crazy15:48
lkclbut there is a trick with qemu-system-user where you can avoid needing a linux kernel entirely15:48
lkclstick to userspace by chrooting into an unpacked filesystem15:49
lkclthe trick is deployed by debootstrap "second stage" for foreign architectures15:49
lkcllook it up15:49
lkclfirst stage debootstrap just blats (unpacks) a set of debian packages into a directory15:50
lkclsecond stage obviously needs to *execute programs inside that chroot* (in order to finish off things like package-preparation - postinstall scripts etc)15:50
lkclyou normally can't do that on a foreign architecture...15:50
lkcl... enter qemu-system-user15:50
lkclthat way you can drop the need for a kernel altogether.15:51
lkclwhich is a *lot* simpler proposition15:51
* lkcl afk15:51
sadoon[m]Yeah I remember doing that to install packages for an arm64 board, it was simply easier to chroot on an x86 machine using qemu-user15:53
sadoon[m]lkcl: Same here15:54
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lkclah awesome you know the trick, that's a huge benefit16:00
markoslkcl, I just spent 5 days tracking a stupid overflow bug because someone thought of doing 32-bit calculations using 16-bit ints, when doing HDR filters in SSE/NEON. The number of bugs I've had to fix when widening the pixel width from 8->12 bits is no joke, honestly, I can't wait to start writing code like that for SVP6416:30
markossadoon[m], be very careful with btrfs, always backup your data, been bitten twice16:32
sadoon[m]markos: Dw ;)16:32
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sadoon[m]me_cleaning my x86 32-core workstation is a success :D16:46
sadoon[m]This leaves only my laptop which will be a pain16:50
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markosdisk cleaning or literal?17:02
markosah interesting17:06
markosI'm afraid I'm going to brick my laptop if I try something like this17:20
markosmy desktops are a xeon server and some amd boxes, so I doubt I can do me cleanup there17:21
markosbut I have a couple of very old laptops I'm not using I could try this there17:21
sadoon[m]<markos> "my desktops are a xeon server..." <- Desktops are much easier17:27
sadoon[m]They're usually the kind of socketed firmware chip17:27
sadoon[m]If you brick it, you reflash it. If you break the chip, you buy a new one for peanut money17:27
sadoon[m]I'm taking the risk with this laptop :')17:27
markosyeah, the xeon server is a 24/7 system if I brick it I'm going to have a serious problem, not every VM is migratable to the power9 :(17:29
markosactually I'm not even sure it has a me chip, do server boards have it?17:31
sadoon[m]All do17:41
sadoon[m]Since 2009 it's a safe bet they do17:41
sadoon[m]Earlier ones some did and some didn't17:41
sadoon[m]Alder Lake laptop successful, afaik I'm the first one who did this lol17:42
sadoon[m]These were two stressful hours heh17:53
sadoon[m]I need to report to flashrom that this was a success, this chip has been labeled experimental17:54
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programmerjakesadoon: did you see: https://www.phoronix.com/news/Google-Intel-More-FSP-Flexible19:47
programmerjakeso maybe needing me_cleaner will be a thing of the past? or at least it might become easier19:47
sadoon[m]Yes and no19:48
sadoon[m]This will be available for manufacturers only afaict19:49
sadoon[m]Us plebs will still need to reverse engineer the fw partition layout or set the disable bit in firmware and trust that it works19:49
programmerjakewell, it's at least better than nothing...19:50
programmerjakemeeting in a few min...19:54
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