Saturday, 2023-03-18

markosover the weekend I'll make sure it can be compiled on an x86 so that others can play with it00:14
markoscurrently it requires ppc64le/native compilation00:14
klysis it still recommended to get the ulx3s 85f ?00:24
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lkclklys, if it's available yes04:03
lkclthe other one is a digilent arty a7-100t but also get 2 of the larger hyperram PMODs04:03
lkclyou may have an easier time getting hold of the arty, the ulx3s tends not to be in stock04:04
klysI have two links, one for regular price at 0 stock and the other from aliexpress at $3xx04:04
lkclsomeone in china picked up the PCB CAD files and is actually able to get stock of the ECP5-85F, dang04:06
lkclahhh it's waveshare, that makes sense04:08
lkclwaveshare are really good, very entrepreneurial.04:08
lkclaliexpress btw don't give them the money until you confirm that it's ok.04:09
lkclone nice thing about the ulx3s, it has SDRAM - requires no stupid DDR3 training in mixed hw/sw.04:11
klysalso does this look any good?  it may need some ram though:
klysoh here it is, with 128MB "1Gbit" ddr3:
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lkclyyeess... except it critically relies on us getting DDR3 initialised11:24
lkclwhich you can help tobias with if you want11:24
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markoslkcl, btw, are we still interested in the mp3 implementations? I have some unsubmitted -non-working- code locally12:54
markosit's incomplete, but doesn't need that much work to finish12:54
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lkclyes - but it's not on the list (at the moment)15:23
lkcli mean, it could be added as a sub-bug of "ongoing" somewhere.15:23
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lkcli wasn't planning to, though - it's basically served its purpose18:20
lkclthat said it would be nice to have a revisit of A/V as another NLnet grant18:21
lkclparticularly once 2D DCT is up and running (and the integer instructions done)18:21
markosyeah, let's do that later18:37
markoslet me know if you would like me to add something19:58
markosI tried to be as detailed in a step by step guide19:59
lkclmarkos, looks really good. let me find the bugreport for it...22:44
lkclah, you found it already :)22:45
lkclok let me read it tomorrow, i may move it to the wiki22:45
* lkcl pondering22:45

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