Wednesday, 2023-03-22

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programmerjakewow, didn't expect I don't actually need to make any changes to ieee754fpu.git, all the code already explicitly calls .as_value() rather than relying on implicit casts01:35
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programmerjakeMR up for removing ValueCastable support from nmigen/hdl/
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sadoon[m]I got around to setting up a VPN on my infra at home07:37
sadoon[m]It's been annoying having to sit at my desk to do simple work, now I can access mini-buildd from anywhere :D07:37
sadoon[m]Wireguard is actually pretty awesome and I'm shocked at how simple it is to set up07:38
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programmerjakeyeah, it's nice, though not so simple that any linux user could easily set it up (unless using networkmanager or similar)08:06
programmerjakescript I used for setting up wireguard (point-to-point, not the default route) on my build server:;a=blob;;h=299f5c08fc2a15112b799d69f67da132129ee322;hb=HEAD08:06
programmerjakeperhaps I went a little overboard, writing a config file parser in bash08:08
sadoon[m]I did use network manager but only to import the configuration file after I typed it out manually :p08:19
markosI'm using openvpn on the client and on the openwrt router -and soon between 2 openwrt routers- what's the benefit of wireguard?08:26
markossadoon[m], just received ram for the power8 system, 256GB for 150euro seems like a good deal :)08:38
markos16x16gb :)08:39
markosI hope it actually works :)08:39
sadoon[m]<markos> "I'm using openvpn on the..." <- It's built into the kernel so I guess that's one benefit?08:40
markosah interesting08:40
sadoon[m]Idk the exact differences but I chose to use it as it is newer08:40
sadoon[m]If you're using kernel 5.6 or above it's built in iirc08:40
sadoon[m]For earlier ones you need the dkms module which is not a big deal08:40
markoshm, I wonder if I can do router-to-router vpn with wireguard08:40
sadoon[m]Buster runs 4.19 so I has to use the dkms module08:41
markosbetween 2 routers basically and connect 2 networks08:41
markosopenvpn has been making it hard08:41
programmerjakewireguard runs over udp instead of tcp so has no head-of-line blocking, udp also can help for NAT hole punching08:44
programmerjakewireguard also doesn't support 7000 different crypto combinations so you don't have to filter out the old and terrible ones08:45
markosopenvpn also runs over udp08:51
markosor rather it's configurable08:51
markosI'll see if it's easy to configure on openwrt08:52
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lkclmarkos, i've used openvpn for over 10 years (with the result that the 10-year certificate actually expired, causing havoc, about 4 years ago). no problems with it at all. i have a "complete full config generator" script that even adds the client to the server config, automatically.11:18
markosyes, client <-> server is easy, I can do that no problems there11:19
markoswhat I've been having great trouble is connecting 2 openwrt routers with an openvpn bridge11:19
lkcli had quite a lot of systems to add, over the years, so fully automated it11:20
lkclah deep joy.  try tinc.11:20
markosbasically connecting 2 local networks together over the internet (different locations)11:20
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lkclprogrammerjake, whoops, sorry, i wasn't clear - IBM likes to keep FP32 and FP64 on separate Major opcodes
lkclwhich annoyingly means separate suites of (near-identical) instructions - exactly what we want to avoid19:00
lkclbut combining (and effectively hiding) Rc=1 isn't ok either19:00
lkclfolks after the discussion yesterday i squeezed the other "ongoing" grant milestones and found EUR 6,000 for ISACaller to have a hardware-clock-accurate model added to it19:02
programmerjakelkcl: why did you add redundant indentation to all the pseudocode?;a=commitdiff;h=d827d9e11ce635d52652f8936a454319fa2ebea919:06
programmerjake``` code blocks don't need additional indentation, additional indentation is only needed for code blocks when you *don't* have ```19:07
programmerjakebecause markdown uses the indentation to indicate it's a code block19:08
programmerjakealso, adding the indentation and modifying pseudocode in one commit made it very confusing to read the diff, please keep stuff separate19:09
lkclprogrammerjake, use "make ls007.pdf" and you will see exactly why19:11
programmerjakek, sec...19:12
programmerjakelooking through git log, you removed XO (29:30) and XO (26:30), those are still needed...xo 29:30 doesn't exist in v3.1b and xo 26:30 needs the new format added19:18
programmerjakefor the pdfs, which commit do you want me to compare against? latest ls007 with additional indentation?19:19
programmerjakeah, i see why you indented it...19:26
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programmerjakethough imho it might be better to change a pandoc setting to indent code blocks more by just moving them right rather than using a bunch of spaces, so there aren't extra spaces when copy/pasting19:28
programmerjakethough otoh that sounds like a pain, so spaces are ok19:28
programmerjakenote the style ieee uses is IEEE Std 754™-2019 or IEEE 754™, not IEEE75419:34
jndo they have trademarks for every single IEEE+number?19:35
programmerjakeprobably, i copied that text from my copy of the ieee 754 standard19:36
programmerjakelkcl, mind if i revert then reapply your change to ls006 as a split up set of commits? it'll make the log much easier to read19:42
programmerjakeas it is i still can't read it even with word-diff19:42
programmerjakei'll go ahead and do that, it shouldn't take more than 30min19:58
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programmerjakeapparently git's just terrible at presenting indentation-only changes as a diff...20:24
Ryuno-KiAndrJaenshows me some hits on search for whitespace20:29
programmerjakeyeah, well has none of those enabled, I don't want to need to use a git command to make the diff readable20:31
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Ryuno-KiAndrJaenThen don't blame git for it 🙃20:34
lkclprogrammerjake, sure go ahead. i was - am - way too tired today20:35
programmerjakegit should be changed to detect just whitespace changes by I'm still blaming git20:36
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