Saturday, 2023-03-25

lkclthey're both too far away from mainstream00:10
lkcland the nix team are... well, they claim to be the world's first reproducible-build distro when in fact it was the work of both the fedora and debian and other distros *over ten years ago* that laid the groundwork00:10
lkcl(particularly in the compiler toolchain)00:11
lkcli'm not hugely inclined to recommend use of a distro to everyone when they can miss something as fundamental as that00:11
lkcland guix although i respect it, it's just not got the same level of adoption and sheer number of packages00:12
gnucodefair enough.   I personally use guix, though I am thinking about daily driving openBSD.  I am currently using openBSD as my desktop, which I use occassionally.00:14
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lkclmarkos, i'm attempting that very subtle (but far-reaching) change of setvl we briefly spoke of09:07
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lkclprogrammerjake, when you're up and about any chance you could take a look at case_addme_subfme_ca_propagation?09:42
lkclit's producing the wrong carry, overflow, and sticky-overflow but i have no idea if it's the expected results or ISACaller's handle_overflow() function09:43
lkclas it's the only test failing ca/ov/so i suspect the calculation of the expected results to be wrong09:43
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lkclmarkos, here's the diff09:55
lkclyou *don't* need to use register 22 any more09:56
lkcland you don't need QTY 2 setvls - one for MAXVL one for VL09:56
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lkclcommit f41ef7748e7b365bc4e0f9be784f2fae375ce0be10:20
lkcl    in xchacha20 svp64 assembler remove r22 from setvl and10:20
lkcl    use (new, modified) setvl options.  see simplev.mdwn10:20
lkclmarkos, i haven't been able to run that - you'll need to check it10:20
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markoslkcl, confirmed on both power9 & x8616:11
markosit's a good change16:12
markosI will need to change the documentation as well16:12
markosdocs fixes16:18
markosdocs fixed16:18
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lkclah and you're offline :)17:07
lkcli'll track/confirm the bugreport17:08
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sadoon[m]Oh. My. God.19:01
sadoon[m]reinstalled multiple versions of debian and multiple versions of mini-buildd only to get the same failures trying to build the keyring packages.19:02
sadoon[m]Only to find out that the cause is that my hostname starts with a capitalized letter19:02
sadoon[m]The good news is that now through experimenting I was able to get mini-buildd v1.9.119 working on debian bookworm19:03
sadoon[m]This version is not marked as stable but will at least not fail like the older versions due to unsupported sbuild options19:03
sadoon[m]mini-buildd is not officially in bookworm but I was able to install it by downloading the packages from unstable and using those with dependencies from bookworm19:04
lkclfer frickin frick's sake :)21:01
lkclwell.. what are you doing with capital-letter hostnames anyway? :)21:02
sadoon[m]I was just used to it :(21:27
sadoon[m]It's now set up in a way that should work, making a backup + snapshot + nuclear bunker for this vm22:44
sadoon[m]I'm running out of external storage with my file server stuck in read only mode for so long :(22:48
sadoon[m]Heckin international shipping..22:48
lkclsadoon[m], been there... even receiving from China to Taiwan was hair-raising (always went via HK), but the other way round actually requires contacting people who um charge 5% of the goods value and you don't ask questions23:03
lkclgiven that import duty *even on faulty items being returned under warranty* is over 30% fixed tariff....23:04
gnucodelkcl: you were not born in taiwan right?  May I ask why you still live there?23:04
gnucodeIf that's too personal of a question, feel free to ignore it.23:05
sadoon[m]Speaking of faulty, a while ago I bought a dvi cable, and the manufacturer had the audacity to include DVI analog pins on the cable.. So you can't even connect it to a monitor without modding the cable.23:06
sadoon[m]Unless the monitor weirdly has the DVI analog pins as well which I have never seen23:07

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