Friday, 2023-04-14

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markosin case anyone's interested:
markossome key points: "the 3A5000 does have an advantage in being able to do two 256-bit vector integer multiplies per cycle" but also "Loongson must have bought their memory controller from because it’s a flaming pile of garbage"16:10
markosthe future will become quite interesting in terms of cpu competition16:10
markosalso here:
sadoon[m]acl2 is finally built lmao, I just remembered it was building for ppc and ppc64 so two builds simultaneously technically17:25
sadoon[m]It's horribly single threaded, part of why it was so slow17:25
sadoon[m]lintian is still taking its sweet time, I thought I disabled it :(17:27
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sadoon[m]Seems mini-buildd doesn't respect the lintian disabled setting unfortunately17:28
sadoon[m]Ignore is identical to disabled17:28
sadoon[m]Also of note: building bullseye packages using current sid/bookworm will not work, many packages will fail due to using old17:30
sadoon[m]old debhelper compatibility levels*17:31
sadoon[m]I'll need to find a way to install mini-buildd into bullseye17:31
sadoon[m]Or frankly just ditching mini-buildd for this purpose if things get ugly17:32
sadoon[m]Ignore what I just said, I think it shouldn't matter if it's in a chroot, I'm a little tired17:33
lkclhaha love the DRAM comment18:30
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