Monday, 2023-05-08

lkclghostmansd[m], it means that, temporarily, gmail's servers are heavily spam-overloaded due to a DDOS attack.00:29
lkcl(also tobias runs a FOSS email server)00:29
markos_sigh, my mail to was grey-listed07:07
markos_surprisingly, I'm old enough to remember a time when there were no spam filters, no spam, and you could just send an email to people07:08
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sadoon[m]<markos_> "surprisingly, I'm old enough..." <- Heck even *I'm* old enough to remember that and I'm not that old09:48
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sadoon[m]toshywoshy: thanks for the email, can't reply right now because I'm in the process of changing domain names and am having some issues I plan to solve once the Tyan machine is here11:17
sadoon[m]Will consider those options11:17
sadoon[m]Something a lot more professional than "" heh11:19
toshywoshyok, if you need any help, feel free to ask, also let me know how the tyan machine is, I have only worked on that one remotly, never had the chance to really run it11:19
sadoon[m]Will do, my brother is coming home with the machine from the UK early June God willing, so I'll send him back with your CPU as well :p11:20
sadoon[m]I hope the customs don't give him too much trouble for carrying a literal rackmount server with him heheh11:21
markos_they probably will :)11:29
markos_I still haven't put this on the rack as I don't have the rails for it11:30
sadoon[m]I plan to just screw it on11:30
markos_and I need to get some replacement fans (noctua most likely), they just make way too much noise11:30
sadoon[m]Rails are way too expensive at least here11:30
markos_I like the rails, you can just slide the system out and plug stuff easily11:31
markos_but the tyan uses something non-standard11:31
markos_I have added some "universal" cheap (~20EUR) rails on amazon that I want to buy soon, will let you know if it works11:31
sadoon[m]Here they're 200£~11:55
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octaviuslkcl, figured out the issue, turned out to be one of the defines. See bug #1073 for full details :)20:56
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