Thursday, 2023-05-18

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markos_lkcl, fixed, how to regenarate the pdf?07:18
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lkclmarkos_, texstudio12:56
lkclwhat you really meant was, "do i have write-perms to the ftp directory on" and the answer is "probably"12:58
lkclso to avoid the hassle of me having to trouble you to test it and find out, i've simply redone it and uploaded it already12:58
lkclif *you* wanted to regenerate the pdf, you can use texstudio, but you really really need to install "texlive-full" first12:59
lkclwhich is several *gigabytes*. sigh.12:59
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markos_already have texstudio installed13:36
markos_I know it for next time13:36
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Ryuno-KiAndrJaen<lkcl> "which is several *gigabytes..." <- Well, I rarely see the TeX toolchain used. So everything is packaged by distros14:31
lkclRyuno-KiAndrJaen, run df -h /usr/share/texlive (after apt-get install texlive-full):17:52
lkcl3.1G    /usr/share/texlive/17:52
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Ryuno-KiAndrJaenMikTeX has its own18:46
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ghostmansdlkcl, I checked the recent commits into Frankly, we have very different preferences, and, as you consider this module essential to be written according to your definitions of beauty, I think this should be written by you.19:12
ghostmansdI checked the code and everything here contradicts to the way I'd have written it.19:13
ghostmansdStarting with read_file which accepts either OR name (WAT?), following the test which due to some reason ends in a module which I wanted to use as basis for a standalone script which takes file as input, following temporary lists instead of yield... etc. etc.19:15
ghostmansdI think I'll simply waste my time arguing about how this should be written.19:15
ghostmansdAnd, as consequence, I'll waste yours, too.19:16
ghostmansdAny task where personal preferences are less enforced?19:16
lkclghostmansd, hi - i meant to write to you earlier20:21
lkcli apologise20:21
ghostmansd[m]Hi Luke!20:39
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lkclghostmansd[m], hiya - am spending time "sorting out" tonight, can't talk - PM tomorrow?21:49
lkclsummary, everything you mentioned is solvable21:49
lkcllet's PM tomorrow, do a report on bug after ok?21:50
ghostmansd[m]Ok, let's talk tomorrow21:50
ghostmansd[m]Which report do you mean?21:50
ghostmansd[m]This task isn't a bug IIRC :-)21:50

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