Saturday, 2023-05-20

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lkcli think this needs some of those diagrams.10:26
lkcld0 d1 d2 etc. are mathematically different from c0 c1 c2 etc.10:26
lkcld0=c0 but10:26
lkcld1 = c0/c1 and10:26
lkcld2 = c0/c1/c210:27
lkclor.... err....10:27
lkcld2 = c2/(...)10:27
lkclyou get the idea, it's not a straight d0=c0, d1=c1, ...10:28
lkclor maybe it is. argh! :)10:29
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lkclprogrammerjake, confirmed here newly-added unit tests pass fine18:53
lkclgood stuff.18:53

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