Saturday, 2023-07-01

lkclghostmansd, hi, sorry, i was in london today, all day.00:17
lkcli can't remember where, but i do vaguely recall saying "this task is closed" and that anything else is a revisit once it's actually put into use, as that gives actual useful feedback00:19
lkclone of the very first to do is a new *fully-compatible absolutely zero API change* drop-in replacement for PowerDecoder00:20
lkclwhich splits out the use of nmigen into a visitor (which should be made the default for the fully-compatible-zero-API-changes replacement)00:21
lkcland then a second visitor made which does not do "yield".00:22
lkclthe irony is that it might not even be necessary to have a visitor at all.00:22
lkclthe next one after that is in cavatools where we need a c-based PowerDecoder.  that will certainly need to be a visitor as it will be a massive switch-statement00:23
lkcland/or a "if matches(insn, mask, value)" loop of some description00:24
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lkclsadoon[m], rats - i just worked out why rpm/deb-ostree is no good for us: the snapshots are of course read-only10:19
lkcl(the filesystem-in-a-git-repo)10:19
lkclno, correction: it'd be fantastic for the *dependencies*10:20
lkcland fantastic for a reproducible-build snapshot10:20
lkclbut for ongoing development it'd be a pain in the ass10:20
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sadoon[m]Yeah I guess once all the root fs stuff is properly dealt with then it'd be helpful14:01
sadoon[m]For now I've decided for my personal systems on intel I'm going to use flatpak with tightened policies and on POWER I'll use bubblewrap at least for chromium14:02
sadoon[m]Almost every GUI app I have runs in flatpak14:03
sadoon[m]Really I'd be using bubblewrap exclusively but figuring out which bwrap settings to use to make all apps and their IPC work properly is a huge task14:05
sadoon[m]It'd be great if there were good universal sandboxing solutions on desktop Linux but it'll be a while before we get those14:09
sadoon[m]<sadoon[m]> "Yeah I guess once all the root..." <- * and we reach a v0.1 or something ofc, forgot that important detail14:20
sadoon[m]There's bubblejail which I'm actually using to make apps behave similar to flatpak with good fine-tuning except it doesn't support dbus policies, not a huge dealbreaker for now14:22
sadoon[m]It's a GUI frontend for bubblewrap14:22
sadoon[m]The more I dig into the security stuff the less productive I become :')14:23
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lkclsadoon[m], look up justine tunney's work on universal executables.16:31
lkclthe problem there is that as far as GUIs are concerned there's zero standards16:31
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