Wednesday, 2023-07-05

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lkclcesar ^ (!!!)01:22
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sadoon[m]I messed up so horribly :')04:31
sadoon[m]A week ago I cloned my OS drive from ext4 to a 4K pagesize btrfs RAID0, and booted from that and it was all good until I rebooted and noticed some of my changes were lost04:32
sadoon[m]So I just redid my changes to the OS not thinking twice about it, was too tired04:32
sadoon[m]Today I realized I had been using my old ext4 drive instead, and I need to make a new clone04:32
sadoon[m]"Hey why's my 2TB RAID have 300GB free?"06:03
sadoon[m]Bahahahaha I amuse myself06:03
lkclsadoon[m], sadoon[m] whyyy did you use btrfs for something as mission-critical as "boot"...07:40
lkclwhen it's such horribly-complex code, and when ext4 is no different from ext2 which is literally the earliest filesystem for linux ever created...07:42
sadoon[m]Subvolumes and snapshots :')08:16
sadoon[m]btrfs is not to blame for this, that's just my stupidity08:17
sadoon[m]I've been using btrfs for years with no issues08:17
sadoon[m]And the snapshots feature saved me multiple times08:19
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lkclahh you know what you're doing then. btrfs has historically been such a nightmare in development (shared-memory copy-on-write is *real* obscure) i haven't dared touch it16:10
sadoon[m]8 years of experience with it I can say it's damn stable :)16:13
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