Tuesday, 2023-07-25

programmerjakeghostmansd, when you have a chance, can you try to fix insndb or whatever's causing insndb to not assemble setbc? thx. https://bugs.libre-soc.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1123#c104:14
programmerjakenm, just figured out I forgot to add X-form to the list of formats using the BI field04:19
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ghostmansd[m]Hi Jacob06:53
ghostmansd[m]I think I need to add some logic which not just skips the instruction but panics.06:53
ghostmansd[m]IIRC I wanted to add it initially, but some insns were causing an absolute havoc. Perhaps the time has come to go through these.06:54
ghostmansd[m]I've been inactive recently, since I'm going to be a dad again in week or two, and also have a lot of work. But I think I'll try to allocate some time on this once things stabilize.06:56
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programmerjakecongrats for your new kid! I'm thinking it would be nice to check fields.text when it's loaded so it actually causes an error at load time if it's inconsistent, other things it'd be nice to do are to change the ISA class to load everything only once and then just use a cached copy, since that seems to be the majority of time used when generating unit tests08:21
programmerjakeso only the first call to SVP64Asm would load all the ISA files08:22
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markos_programmerjake, lkcl, finally, I modified the final tests by Jacob to work on split maddrs/msubrs and now everything passes :)09:41
markos_so I guess we can finally consider this fixed09:42
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markos_fixed the docs as well09:54
markos_yeah, when you find some time, could you please review if everything is working as it should?09:58
programmerjakei read through the pseudocode, the logic looks correct to me (according to your desired expressions, which I'm assuming you have correct), so if the tests pass, i'm happy with it10:02
markos_finally, this is a relief10:09
markos_yeah, this took quite longer than I anticipated, now I can move to other things10:18
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markos_ghostmansd[m], congrats on being a dad (again)!12:12
ghostmansd[m]Thanks! :-)12:13
ghostmansd[m]We're still waiting for that, but the wife's condition is fine :-)12:14
markos_is this your 2nd?12:15
markos_mine are 17 and 15y old resp. but it feels like centuries ago when they were babies :)12:17
markos_I see some videos of that time occasionally and it's so weird :)12:18
markos_the part I'm definitely not missing at all is diaper changing :D12:19
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sadoon[m]Aha! make menuconfig on linux shows options to disable VSX and AltiVec15:38
sadoon[m]Good start15:38
sadoon[m]I assume that if they are disabled in the kernel they should be disabled systemwide, but only one way to find out15:40
sadoon[m]"Support for IBM PowerPC Nest (NX) cryptographic acceleration"15:47
sadoon[m]This might be the crypto stuff we disabled?15:47
markos_it probably depends on VSX15:51
sadoon[m]It was enabled even after I disabled VSX15:52
sadoon[m]I disabled all three15:52
sadoon[m]Next step is to use gcc to build C code with VSX and see if it fails to run15:52
sadoon[m]If that works we are golden15:52
sadoon[m]No need to patch QEMU or anything15:52
markos_it should give a SIGILL exception16:24
sadoon[m]Kernel crashes heheheh16:31
ghostmansd[m]markos_, yes, the second, we already had a girl, soon we'll have a complete set :-)16:32
ghostmansd[m]As for old videos, even 4-year old kid looks waaay different then she was :-)16:33
ghostmansd[m]It's even kinda creepy how humans change over time16:33
markos_indeed, before I knew it I had grey hair :/16:44
sadoon[m]Oh yeah congrats ghostmansd[m]  :D19:45
programmerjakei'll be in the meeting in a few min19:59
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