Tuesday, 2023-11-07

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ghostmansd[m]Hi folks, I'll skip today's meeting, I'm on a little vacation. Truth to be told, I have no updates besides raising the tasks on insndband libopid.14:06
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octaviusThanks for the update ghostmansd[m] . Btw please make sure to respond to David's email when you have time14:48
octaviusAlso for the rest of the team, 17:00UTC sync up as usual, 19:00UTC libresoc hangouts, will discuss FOSDEM devroom plans (our proposal was accepted)14:49
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ghostmansd[m]I provided some missing details like an address and phone number, but I cannot sign anything yet, other than via digital signature.14:58
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openpowerbot[irc] <snowwolflair[m]> I have all the signatures except Dmitry and Konstantinos.  A photograph of the signed page is acceptable, a scan is better.  thanks17:15
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gnucodeI should be joining in the call soon.19:59
gnucodeAre ya'll still meeting today?20:01
octaviusAh sorry, most of the team is pretty exhausted, so we left early20:05
octaviusIf you're interested in FOSDEM devroom planning, we'll be having a call tomorrow20:05
gnucodedid the meeting start an hour ago?20:05
octaviusThe meeting time for hangouts is 7pm UTC20:06
octavius(Was confused by this a week ago when the clocks moved in the UK...)20:06
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