Friday, 2024-01-05

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ghostmansd[m]programmerjake, there'll be a lot of diffs, mostly caused by the fact that we add parentheses for binary operands when we visit the tree... This mostly needs a manual inspection.15:52
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ghostmansdThat said, I _expect_ the generated Python code to be identical. Both parsers would drop the redundant parentheses whenever needed.15:54
ghostmansdThere are also other minor discrepancies, e.g. `else if` would be yet another scope, literally two branches, else + a new if.15:55
ghostmansdOr, for example, I drop the "fallthrough" crap, and also split multi-label cases (though these can be modified).15:56
ghostmansdSo, given the number of discrepancies, I think, one has to _read_ and _manually_ compare the pseudocode...15:57
ghostmansd...that's why I decided not to bother and compare the generated Python code instead. :-)15:57
ghostmansdOn a bright side, we should _always_ have strongly-typed nodes. No more complex Python AST expressions (like "hey, we converted it into a ast.Call instead, and also called getattr, and heck why not").15:59
ghostmansd1 action == 1 native pseudocode node15:59
ghostmansdIf some weirdo (me?) wants to convert that to Python, that'd be much simpler.16:00
ghostmansdI also dropped all the stateful crap out of parser. It's just not the place to hold it. It's up to those who traverse the tree what to collect and how.16:00
ghostmansdBy the way, I had no need to do it when I converted the AST back into Python. The only thing which needed special measures was `Z <- C ? A : B`, which is a special case of pc_ast.IfExpr.16:02
ghostmansdAnd that got converted to `if C then Z <- A else Z <- B`.16:02
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sadoonaltOk trying again with dsrd19:45
sadoonaltprogrammerjake you'll find this funny, I chose my 0123456... FEDCBA.. values from a few days ago randomly, had no idea they were in bigint_cases.py19:57
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sadoonaltOk I am confused now21:11
sadoonaltx = 0xb44f650000000000 y = 0x000000000000e28921:12
sadoonaltDSRD (x, y, 20) should tack on y at the end right?? :(21:12
sadoonaltIt's giving me 0x0000.. and 0x00000b44f650000021:12
sadoonalt> basically dsrd returns a 128-bit value with the high half in RT and the low half in RS21:13
sadoonalt> actually, it shifts RA by RB and ors in RC21:13
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