Monday, 2024-01-15

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ghostmansd[m]Thanks programmerjake for solving 1250 in a gentle way.12:38
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> thanks for being willing to drop it12:42
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sadoonHi guys15:59
sadoonDoing theĀ  mul/add part now in svp6415:59
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sadoonremap is the solution here right?
sadoond0 = h0r0 + h1s2 + h2s116:07
sadoond1 = h0r1 + h1r0 + h2s216:07
sadoond2 = h0r2 + h1r1 + h2r016:07
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octaviusAn update on the RfP submission example Luke and I did a month ago. See the wiki page for context:17:58
octaviusThe Nlnet RfP has changed the status for the RfP I submitted for Red Semi to "paid", on the 12th Jan.17:58
octavius(Bare in mind this is the date Nlnet sent the payment, not when the recipient might actually get it.)17:58
octaviusChecked with David, and the payment has been received.17:58
octaviusStep nine: I've updated the TOML fields for bugs 672, 701, 1117, and 1062 to include the "paid=2024-01-12" parameter.17:58
octaviusStep ten: I've notified the MoU Signatory Agent (Project Lead, Luke) by email that the payment records have been updated.17:58
octaviusNow, when Luke is available, he will double check the financial records as per step eleven.17:58
octaviuss/Nlnet RfP/Nlnet RfP System/17:58
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octaviusOn another note, I've created a discussion page containing the points covered in last week's email thread on git commits:
octaviusprogrammerjake, sadoon, cesar, ghostmansd[m], lkcl, snowwolflair[m], I ask that you have a quick read of this page before the meeting tomorrow19:10
octavius(cesar, we can have a separate discussion on Wed as usual)19:10
ghostmansd[m]octavius, I kinda have vague recalls these statements from the page look familiar :-)19:20
octaviusThat's because you wrote them ;-)19:26
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openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> that page looks accurate to me (though I didn't check against the original email thread)20:59
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