Wednesday, 2024-01-17

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sadoonSo I just noticed power isa 3.0 doesn't have 64*64-bit multiply18:53
sadoonWhich I absolutely need18:54
sadoonRather, I should say it has 64-bit by 64-bit multiply18:55
sadoonbut needs two instructions for the lower half and upper half of the output18:55
sadoonLooks like I need svindex for RT after all18:56
sadoonto make it skip a register every time and then multiply again for both lower and upper halves18:56
sadoonmaddedu without actually adding anything lol18:56
sadoonHmm this also presents another issue, how do I add 128-bit integers?19:11
sadoonWhat I suspected was we'd need a 32-bit implementation of poly1305 for this to work, I might have been right..19:12
sadoonwith a 32-bit implementation, each register would contain exactly 26 bits of the 130 total. Multiplication results in a maximum of 52 bits in each register, addition and multiplication will never overflow19:14
sadoonSince we're short on time what I *can* do is assume we have a 32-bit implementation *only* for the mul/add part19:45
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