Wednesday, 2024-01-31

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openpowerbot[irc] <cesar[m]> I have moved Sadoon's talks out of the schedule.10:37
openpowerbot[irc] <cesar[m]> I also accepted the late talk, they need to confirm it. Hope they can make it.10:37
openpowerbot[irc] <cesar[m]> Argh, Christofer cancellation was sent to my spam folder.10:50
openpowerbot[irc] <cesar[m]> I un-accepted it. Sorry for the confusion.10:52
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openpowerbot[irc] <cesar[m]> tplaten, do you intend to bring your OrangeCrab? If so, I think we could add time to your presentation, for you to demo it.13:03
openpowerbot[irc] <cesar[m]> Did you manage to run Jacob's raytracing demo on it?13:04
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tplatenI'm currently updating my talk at
tplatenI assume that I will need about 45 minutes. Not longer than one hour. I also plan to listen to
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> tplaten, cesar what do you think of the latest schedule proposal:
tplatenfor me this look good.20:30
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> ok, so you don't mind having 40min instead of 45min-1hr?20:31
tplatenNo. That was the maximum time that I thaught. If it is shorter then it is not a problem20:35
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> ok, sounds good!20:35
openpowerbot[irc] <cesar[m]> Looks good for me. But, I also suggest asking the external speakers if the want to lengthen their talks, maybe filling the previous lkcl slot. They only have 15 and 20 mins... Especially Al Davis. If so, maybe we can adjust later.20:36
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> ah, al davis specifically requested 15min afaict20:37
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> i can figure out how to ask them through pretalx20:40
openpowerbot[irc] <cesar[m]> Sorry, I can't help, I'm on a bus to the airport.20:41
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> np20:42
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> asked, turns out pretalx reflows email text so the schedule formatting was ruined...oh well21:03
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> i asked devroom-managers if we can prerecord talks or if luke and my talks will need to be cancelled:
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