Wednesday, 2021-09-22

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lkclLas[m], the heuristic for running appropriate unit tests i went through it with ghostmansd and kylel quite recently05:23
lkclit needs becoming a bit familiar with the dependency hierarchy of the code, but basically the further up towards "unused" or "little-used" leaf node code, the less unit tests you need to run [with semi-confidence]05:25
lkclthere's a few "big" tests (25 mins) and some REALLY big tests (several days)05:26
lkclthe heuristics allow you to avoid running those on every single commit05:26
lkclone trick:05:27
lkcl* write completely independent code that is totally isolated from all other code.05:27
lkcl* commit it freely even without unit tests (not really encouraged, that) as long as it has no syntax errors05:28
lkcl* write completely independent unit tests, again committing those freely without reservation05:28
lkcl(i mean, *not* even using branches, because there's absolutely zero possibility of "damage")05:29
lkcl* once and ONLY once you are happy that the (independent) code actually works, work out how to "hook" it into "live" code05:30
lkclthis last part may need some preliminary / preparatory code-morphs before the "live" code is ready to "accept" the (up until then independent) code05:30
lkclit's an incremental process and it's one we're literally going through right now with the Test API05:31
lkclso if you track the commits made across the soc and openpower-isa repos here
lkclyou can get a pretty clear idea of how *not* to need to use branches05:32
lkclwhich i detest05:32
lkclhaving had quite significant work *completely* disregarded, multiple times, because i was told "f*** off and use branches, moron"05:33
lkcli'm not about to inflict that onto anyone else.05:33
lkclthat said, the XLEN work which required very careful review, used an xlen branch, and it worked extremely well.05:34
lkclthat involved cherry-picking of something mad like *100* small commits, but it set up a good review process. similar to how gerrit works, but without needing a horror-show-of-web-service05:36
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programmerjakelkcl, if your still up, do the budget-sync changes sound good? (feel free to review/test tomorrow)05:42
lkclprogrammerjake, i'm a schrodinger cat at the moment :)05:43
programmerjakehmm, sleep and look in the morning?05:44
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