Friday, 2023-06-09

lkclprogrammerjake, please can you follow the process i set out six months ago, regarding communication of intent01:31
lkcl"i am thinking of doing X, is that ok" - WAIT FOR A RESPONSE01:31
lkcl"i am starting X, please confirm" - WAIT FOR A RESPONSE01:32
lkcl"i am doing X, please review" - WAIT FOR FEEDBACK01:33
lkcl"i have completed X, please review" - ENGAGE IN FEEDBACK01:33
lkcli've removed aaallll of the tables that you spent time on where you had rushed ahead without informing me of your intentions01:34
lkclwhere i had *already said no* to moving the identification bits around01:34
lkcland the decision even to embed 32-bit within PO9 is *not finalised*01:35
lkclplease please *engage*, "ask for clearance to proceed" before spending vast amounts of time on a task.01:36
programmerjakeI did inform you on tuesday iirc, and I explained why your stated reasons for saying no no longer apply (comment #27). please add the tables back, they are intended to spark conversation, not be a "this is what we're doing no questions allowed"01:36
lkclyou know this01:36
programmerjakealso, it was like 1hr, so imho time well spent sparking conversation01:37
programmerjakenot wasting a massive amount of time01:37
programmerjake(also explained in comment #20)01:38
lkcli'm not going to repeat this again.01:38
lkcli REQUIRE that you follow the process i have described for the second time01:39
programmerjakewell, I have an appointment, so sorry gtg01:39
programmerjake(i'll note you didn't follow that process either afaict, because it is slow)01:40
programmerjakei'm available again, i'm dropping the Rc issue since it's not that important, we can just do the additional work04:25
programmerjakei'll note that, assuming po9 is the only primary opcode we can use, using part of it for 32-bit instructions shouldn't slow down length decode by more than 1 gate latency since the gates needed anyway for comparing against po1/9 take enough time that a parallel decode of a few additional bits can be done and combined in a final and-or gate: is_64 = is_po1 | (is_po9 & extra_bits_match)04:31
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