Friday, 2020-09-04

*** lkcl__ is now known as lkcl13:12
* lkcl got a question about how many pipeline stages libre-soc has16:17
lkclit's intended as an out-of-order design, so the answer is, strictly, "variable"16:18
lkclthere's actually multiple completely separate and distinct pipelines and FSMs (DIV is a blocking FSM at the moment, hidden behind ready/valid/ack/busy API that makes it *look* like another pipeline)16:19
lkclbecause of the OoO design, the fact that pipelines take different amounts of time to complete (or aren't in fact pipelines *at all*) is utterly irrelevant16:19
lkclMUL is 3-stage, DIV is a FSM and completes in... 64, i think.  ALU is 2-stage, Logical is 2-stage, TRAP, SPR and BRANCH are 1-stage.  ShiftRot is 2-stage16:21
lkcland there's a *massive* internal fan-out on that, connecting to the different regfiles.  it's a *17* way fan-out for the INT regfile (RA, RB, RC, RS) because some pipelines like Logical only need RA/RB, however ShiftRot needs RA, RB and RS.16:23
DaKnighow many clocs does the libre-soc chip take for the longest station?22:11

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