Tuesday, 2020-09-22

dcz_is Coriolis the name of the actual ASIC design?08:48
dcz_I came across it while looking for any attempts to fit cores onto a FPGA08:49
pangelo[m]coriolis is a toolchain: http://coriolis.lip6.fr08:59
pangelo[m]afaiui it is used to turn a logical design into an actual silicon circuit "schematic" for fabrication09:01
lkcldcz_: alliance / coriolis2.  yes, it goes through a series of steps to create GDS-II files09:16
lkclit's not for use in programming FPGAs, it's for *making* FPGAs (and other ASICs)09:17
dcz_ah, what I was wondering is whether there's going to be any FPGA-based testing before the ASIC attempt this year09:17
lkcldcz: yes! :)09:50
lkclabsolutely.  using litex.09:50
lkcllitex is less than ideal (because it uses migen) however it's the quickest way to get "up and running" at the moment09:52
dcz_oh, the Versa board is supported by SymbiFlow too10:04
lkcldcz_, it's one of the (few) that is also entirely libre-licensed toolchains for absolutely everything.11:57
lkclthe ulx3s is also supported, which is one of the only (affordable) ways to get hold of an 85k LUTs ECP511:57
dcz_ulx3s seems out of stock though :S15:06
daveshahUsually these are another option for an 85k ECP5 [albeit no DRAM] but atm they seem to mostly be out of stock too https://www.mouser.co.uk/ProductDetail/Lattice/LFE5UM5G-85F-EVN?qs=w%2Fv1CP2dgqoyj9CgAS78aw==15:08
lkcloh! when i first saw those i thought there was no actual ECP5 on it :)15:35
dcz_there's also OrangeCrab https://www.latticesemi.com/products/developmentboardsandkits/orangecrab15:52
dcz_looks like it could be manufactured with the 85k one, but that would probably need a custom order (the links on the page point to that)15:52
daveshahyeah, unless greg has one lying around with an 85k15:53
dcz_is FPGA synthesis more harsh on RAM than simulations?15:57
dcz_in terms of required amount15:57
lkcldcz: i received sponsorship to get a laptop with 64 GB of RAM, a 2TB NVMe HDD/SSD, and an 8-core 4.8ghz i918:02
lkclwhich, really, tells you that the answer is "yes" :)18:02
lkclXilinx FPGA tools typically take up 12 GB of RAM to compile designs, that's if you *limit* the amount of resources it uses.18:03

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