Wednesday, 2020-09-23

mePy2[m]I was reading about the possibility to have a discord about libre-soc too. I find it much easier to use than irc.18:45
mePy2[m]Is there one? :)18:47
mePy2[m]Hello everyone anyway. I am new here. I will try to find a place where I could be helpful here. Any suggestion is welcome. Not a pro hardware and software guy. In search of easy tasks where to start from. If there are any.18:55
lkclhi mePy2[m]21:40
lkclthere exists a nmigen discord channel, and to be honest it makes a nuisance (mess) of the irc channel, because the bridge does not ask people to register an individual irc name21:41
lkcleverything is prefixed "<dlb2>"21:42
lkcllikewise in the discord channel that is a mess, too.21:42
mePy2[m]Yeah. The thing I do not like about the bridges21:48

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