Saturday, 2020-09-26

lkclmePy2[m]: good question.  we did discuss it, a few months back, however we (the ones discussing it at the time) have to focus, having so much else to do00:05
lkclas this is as much an educational project as it is anything else, we "get" that things like animated circuits are really important00:05
lkclso if you want to implement that image using libre-licensed tools and is preferably web-based, then go for it.00:09
lkclmePy2[m], the images are intended to replace these:00:11
* mePy2[m] sent a long message: < >08:41
lkclmePy2[m]: can you keep your messages short enough so that they don't trigger matrix bridge URLs?10:29
lkclyou actually wrote:10:29
lkcllkcl: so we want those images to be interactive? People can see them and understand how the circuit works.10:29
lkclUsually in old websites I think you would use a gif animated image.10:30
lkclBut having f.e. Some switches the reader can turn on and off would be nice too.10:30
lkclI presume each circuit does work by itself so it is possible to play with each image. Or are some images static?..10:30
mePy2[m]I did not know that. I will keep my messages short.10:30
lkclyes we would like the images to be interactive, and the way we were thinking to do that was to use javascript to DOM-walk the SVG10:31
lkclgifs cannot be interacted with via the javascript itself10:31
mePy2[m]Yeah. I thought it too10:32
mePy2[m]I am doing some research. To find something to do that.10:33
mePy2[m]I am not sure how do you want to animate the SVG images.10:34
lkclnot, at the moment10:34
mePy2[m]what is that?10:41
lkclyou upload some verilog and it runs it in a web browser, interactively!10:42
lkclincluding converting to a graphical format10:43
mePy2[m]could it work for the images thing?10:43
mePy2[m]How difficult would it be to write our own circuit simulator?11:22
mePy2[m]In the meantime, we should make the SVGs anyway.11:23
mePy2[m]About that, how do you plan to simulate the circuit with them?11:23
mePy2[m]Or modify the existing ones...11:33
mePy2[m]>Or modify the existing ones...12:33
mePy2[m]Speaking about JS circuits simulator12:33
lkclwell, that's why yosys2digitaljs is nice because we can write the demo code in nmigen and hand it over to yosys2digitaljs16:44
mePy2[m]But the output is not as clear as the written schematics IMO...16:48
mePy2[m]I would like to mod this code to make it work for our needs, but considering I am not a programmer, I think it will take some time.16:49
mePy2[m]What do you think about it? I think if we really could make it, it would be really nice. But I know it is behind of the scope to write a js script to “just” display some images...16:50
mePy2[m]I think I will continue working with the svg images.16:51
mePy2[m]Although I have not understood how do you think you are going to make them interactive...16:51
mePy2[m]I would know, because I think the SVGs need to be draw with a certain criteria.16:52
mePy2[m]* I would know, because I think the SVGs need to be drawn with a certain criteria.17:56
lkclcesar[m]11: i sorted the issue stopping pipeline unit tests workign21:26
lkclmePy2[m]: by using a circuit simulator and hooking into signal events21:26
lkcljavascript can walk the DOM of SVG and trigger changes such as colour.21:27
lkcli tried a NAND flip-flop with that simcirjs and i don't think it got the right answer unfortunately21:32
lkclmaybe it did21:33
mePy2[m]I do not like the design of the logic gates and that of the wires.21:36
mePy2[m]Do you have any sample image done with SVG + JS?21:37
mePy2[m]<mePy2[m] "I do not like the design of the "> Well, I like it.22:41
cesar[m]11lkcl: looks better now, thanks.22:42
mePy2[m]Neither I prefer it. I really like the simcirjs design, but for our purpose I like classical icons the most.22:43
lkclmePy2[m]: the plan is: the images you're doing *are* the sample images23:38
lkclyou may not be aware: it's possible to load an existing SVG image into a web page (into its DOM), then manipulate it with javascript.23:39
lkcladd to it, change it, change colour of parts of it, delete parts of it - everything23:39

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