Friday, 2020-09-25

lkclhaha you got it.  took me a while to work out, too :)00:18
mePy2[m]Hello @lk09:38
mePy2[m] * Hello lkcl I completed the image. What should I do now?09:39
lkclcool!  ahh probably just email it to me.  normally - you know those step-by-step procedures you didn't want to wait for? they include sending me an ssh key... :)11:32
lkclso just email it to me for now, and i'll commit it to the libre-soc repo11:32
mePy2[m]where I could read those procedures?11:33
mePy2[m] * where can I read those procedures?11:34
mePy2[m]<lkcl "so just email it to me for now, "> ok11:34
mePy2[m]<lkcl "so just email it to me for now, "> It’s fine11:34
lkclmePy2[m]: main thing "say hello on mailing list, let people know you exist and what you want to do, help with, y'know just general introduction12:59
lkclas part of that, review the charter and ask questions if you have any, and let people know you're happy to abide by it12:59
lkclit summarises "always do good, never do harm" which is about as simple as a Charter can possibly get.13:00
lkclthen i'm happy to add your ssh key to repos.13:01
lkclyou're familiar with git?13:01
lkclif not, then skip that and just email me (direct) the file, and i'll upload it to the wiki for you13:02
lkcli haven't enabled attachment / file-upload because people could abuse it to do things like "upload 1 Gbyte file" (wark-wark)13:04
* mePy2[m] sent a long message: < >13:12
mePy2[m]lkcl: thanks13:12
lkcluse "ssh-keygen -t rsa" and this creates an id_rsa (private key) and (public key)13:14
lkclNEVER send anyone the private key - ever13:15
mePy2[m]I should already have one. How can I see it?13:15
lkclthe public key you can share with anyone, even put it on your website like a GPG public key.13:15
lkclif you're using linux:13:15
lkclls -altr ~/.ssh13:15
mePy2[m]I’m writing the mail to the list13:16
lkcltry not to lose your ssh keys (some people "reinstall" their OS and forget to take backups)13:16
lkcl"oh i've got a problem i'll solve it by reinstalling just like this is windows or sumfink" :)13:16
lkcland of course: no ssh priv-pubkey pair, no access to repos (doh).13:17
lkclwhat i'm saying is: they're unique, and if you lose either of them you can't recover them / recreate them.13:17
mePy2[m]Yeah... that’s why I asked mhm13:26
mePy2[m]Thank you13:26
mePy2[m]Did it (mail to ml). It took some time! Finally I have done it!13:38
mePy2[m]`` ?13:48
mePy2[m]Mhm, is there a way to see when and where I used the key in the past?13:51
mePy2[m]Anyway, the private key is much longer, is it normal?13:51
mePy2[m](Anyway, I will send you the `` file by email)13:57
mePy2[m] * I am going to send you the `` file by email13:57
lkclmePy2[m]: only by having access to the server(s) that you logged in to and viewing /var/log/auth.log14:02
lkclthat's if the sysadmin has kept the logs14:02
lkclyes normal14:02
sorearssh-keygen -t ed25519, much shorter :)14:06
lkclsorear: :)14:09
lkcldoh.  for another time/project, that one.  he's sent me the already14:10
mePy2[m]sorear: that one creates another key though, right? I’ll make a little search. Thank you anyway14:12
sorearyou can make any number of ssh keys using the -i option to set the filename14:13
mePy2[m]I still do not know very well what is the purpose of a ssh key. Does having more than one make sense? Maybe to use them for different scopes, works?16:08
* dcz has different keys for different identities, different forge accounts16:42
dczthe purpose is to gain access to remote systems usually16:43
dczin a way that the other party can verify that whoever uses the key is actually you and not some impostor16:44
mePy2[m]lkcl: and others too. What is the scope of the images?17:57
mePy2[m]I am thinking, is SVG really what we want?... There should be 2CAD programs that can help you actually make the circuit and animate it.18:00
mePy2[m] * I am thinking, is SVG really what we want?... There should be 2D CAD programs that can help you actually make the circuit and animate it.18:06
sorearmePy2[m]: a ssh key is harder to leak (since the other side only has the .pub file) but otherwise similar to a password18:12
sorearif you want to have different devices with different levels of access, they need different keys18:13
sorearhaving a separate key for everything is less critical than it is for passwords but it makes it easier to control what gets access to what18:13
mePy2[m]sorear: thanks18:33

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