Wednesday, 2020-11-25

lkcllxo: if you happen to know how to *safely* set up bugzilla-mail-reply in exim4 gatewaying i maaaay think about enabling it01:21
lkclcolepoirier: ah appreciated01:21
lxolkcl, thanks, I don't know how to do that, but I know how to type in a proper editor and then cut&paste into the browser ;-)  or, even better, using the "it's all text" browser extension ;-)01:47
lxoas of last week, I had only one weekly meeting in my schedule.  now I have two overlapping ones (tomorrow's)01:49
lkcllxo: :)  oh!  i installed the vim browser extension for similar reasons...14:46
lkclall textareas, on pressing ctrl-enter, become vi editable14:46
lxolkcl, I had no clue you were a vi user.  I hope you didn't take any offense in my new email signature.  timing was a coincidence with my joining libre-soc18:42
lxoit's not meant to offend anyway, it's just a joke, but editor religions can be divisive if taken too seriously18:43
lxomy issue with entering text into the browser seems to have more to do with layout and purpose than key bindings.  something in my mind tells me the browser is for viewing, at most for filling in forms with data I've long known by heart, not for thinking up new stuff.  my creative processes flow better when I'm on an emacs virtual desktop.  it's weird18:46
lxolkcl, I haven't got an invitation for today's meeting.  I wouldn't be able to make it anyway, because of a schedule conflict, but I wonder if it makes sense for me to ask the handful of people in the meeting I'm to attend shortly to move it so that I can take part in the microwatt one.  I don't want to assume that the lack of invitation means I just shouldn't bother20:52
colepoirierlxo: the meeting is actually next week21:13
colepoirierThe tuesday fun calls are held weekly21:13
colepoirierThe meetings with the microwatt guys Wednesday's every two weeks21:13

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