Thursday, 2020-11-26

lkcllxo: the microwatt-openpower-libresoc one is mostly a status sync between the two teams, with the dual role that Paul Mackerras and Mike Neuling, being both IBM Research employees, have a closer handle on the setup of the OpenPOWER Foundation and the upcoming ISA Working Group00:29
lkclwithout which we're kinda stuffed00:29
lkclPaul and Mikey's time is *incredibly* valuable, we're extremely lucky to have access to them, and there is a lot to get across to them and them to us, in a relatively short timeperiod00:31
lkclfrickin funny video of me trying to work out the 16/32/48/64-bit encoding:
lxogot it.  I won't try to arrange for my other meeting to move, then.  please let me know if/when I'm needed, and I'll make an exception00:43
lxo(or let me know I got the wrong idea from your response, as I see I just got an email invitation to the meeting ;-)00:44
colepoirierlxo: I think you got the wrong idea. luke wants you to be there, just that it's biweekly and much shorter than the tuesday calls01:10
colepoirierlkcl: great video, very helpful01:11

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