Friday, 2021-01-15

mepyQuick test from a (real lol) IRC client!15:39
programmerjake[mit works!16:11
mePy2[m]It worked* yes16:11
*** mepy <mepy!~username@> has left #libre-soc16:28
mepyThe great/bad thing is that I cannot16:38 the previous chat16:38
mepyIRC is good for chatting. Just like voice, only written. I would like to get used to this. It seems a good way to talk without storing data (to be processed by someone's supercomputer) (do not worry though, I know you're logging us! lol)16:41
mepyYou can't get really everything. Chat with history and IRC. Depending by the case16:41
mepySerious question now, (how do I mention someone?) @lkcl: what do you use to divide your screen in that way? Is that emacs, vi similar? It is very nice16:44
mepy(IRC with logs does not make much sense)16:46
mepy(I had to say that)16:46
* lkcl waves to mepy16:57
lkclmePy2[m], see the topic.
lkclit makes sense for a project that's under transparency and audit requirements16:58
lkcland, as i've found 15 years ago, when you have a multi-national team operating in different timezones the IRC logs become a critical way for the team to function effectively.  replies are often on an 18 hour delay: 36-hour round-trip.16:59
lkclyet you can still *have* a conversation.16:59
mepyTo work together IRC maybe is not the perfect tool. Although I do not really know what IRC is. Is it a "technology"? Then it could be used in either the way (just chatting, or for "projects" or anyway, where history matters)17:06
mepyI like this pro17:07
mepyprogram (I am yet to be used to this keyboard which has a return key in place of the alt key as in the other laptop)17:07
mepyI was saying, I like the fact I can chat from a "vintage" notebook.17:08
mepy* mepy waves to libre-soc website which is readable from this laptop browser too17:10
programmerjake[mjust wondering, are mepy and mePy2 the same person?19:47
mepyI can confirm20:04

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