Saturday, 2021-01-16

lkclmePy2[m], it's a chat communication protocol, invented in 1988.  33 years ago :)00:54
mePy2[m]I was using the term “protocol” then I preferred not to, not knowing precisely what a “protocol” is.10:55
mePy2[m]It is cool for this reason I think. It works everywhere.10:58
mePy2[m](I am interested in bbs too but I do not know how do they work – IRC neither specifically – neither I have used on of them. But I like the topic.)10:58
lkclBBSes - basically now known as "forums".  the most famous (longest-running) BBS is i think
lkcl"protocol" is just a suite of rules on top of a language.  it's not the grammar of the language itself, it's not the syntax of the language itself, it's a suite of rules *using* a language11:42
lkcldiplomatic protocol11:42
lkclmedical protocol11:44
lkclinternet protocol11:44

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