Monday, 2021-01-18

mepythank you lkcl.10:41
mepyDo I need a special equipment to join a bbs?10:41
mepyDo I need an internet connection to join a bbs?10:41
mepyWhat is the difference between BBSes and newsgroup?10:42
lkclBBSes used to only be available via dial-up modems because there was no generally-available internet12:26
lkcllook up nntp -
mepyDo we still have dial-up modems? Is it possible to join a bbs again?12:48
mepyI've read the usenet newsgroup article. Still I do not understand how can I connect to them or I can I "use" them, read something or post something!12:56
mepyDo I need a dedicated software? (hardware?)12:56
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lkcl lb19:30
lkclnobody runs them any more.19:30
lkcldial=up modems are only still in use in some of the furthest locations in "rural" america.19:33
lkclmePy2[m]: basically the question you're asking is about 20 years too late :)19:34
mepylkcl: I hope not!20:17
mepyI really would like to chat with someone using them!20:17
mepyHow can hardware be obsolete? ... (well it could be but...)20:17
mepyI am going to search what a dial-up modem is lol20:18
mepyI finally20:19
mepy(I am sorry, CR key issue)20:20
mepyAnyway, I do not know them, so I should not talk about them, but I feel they were (:() so much easier and faster to use.20:20
mepyAnd very cool places where to chat with new people and have fun20:23
mepySpeaking about the project, do you have any image to show me? lol20:24
mepyHow many images there are in this project ;) xD :P20:24
cesar[m]mepy: Google Groups provides a browser interface to Usenet. A newsgroup relevant to Libre-SOC is  comp.arch, accessible at
cesar[m]Otherwise, Thunderbird has a NNTP client, but then you need to find a public news server, I think.22:51
sorearin the 90s and 2000s your ISP would almost always run a news server alongside their email server23:05

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