Tuesday, 2021-01-19

mepyHi cesar[m]: thank you. I do not like11:53
mepyGoogle very much. I have noticed that though. I was not aware of it but I browsed a group like "comp." something.11:55
mepyI am sorry for the messages, I have still to get used to the keyboard.11:55
mepyThank you cesar, I think I will stick with IRC for the moment. But if something nice happens there, I will give a look ;)11:59
sorearused to be DejaNews before google bought the service12:01
mepyThank you sorear. I didn't know that. I would be interested in knowing if there is something still running there or not. Knowing there is something "different"(?) from the usual way we browse the internet (or somthing that is not internet at all), is interesting to me.12:01
mepyYeah, I do not like Google. And as a conseguence, I do not like the nice thing Google has too. One cannot make a distinction.12:02
sorearusenet and email both used to be independent of the internet, operating over UUCP, but nowadays are always carried over tcp/ip12:02
sorearwhen you see email!addresses!like!this those are pre-SMTP12:03
mepyAlso, I heard that if the service is very good, Google make everything to ruining it or anyway will shut it down :P ;)12:04
mepyMhm nice12:04
mepyI think I noticed some of them in the past...12:05
mepyTo me it is not very clear between the "protocols" and the actual hardware/software behind.12:06
mepyCan we communicate without the internet? (Does it make sense?)12:06
mePy2[m](Exiting from this account...12:07
mePy2[m]I will try to use the other one as much as possible. ...12:07
mePy2[m]No notifications anymore for me.12:08
soreara few years ago I would suggest a phone call12:10
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mepyPhone calls are one-to-one thing12:11
mepyI like them, although it has been more difficult to ...well, calling someone xD lol12:11
sorearthey're called "party lines" :p12:12
mepyI do not know them! *.*12:12
mepyWhat I noticed is that it is easier to discover new people with common interests navigating a "group" (newsgroup or bbses, although I am just making suppositions) than a forum or a website, or something I am used to.12:14
lkclmepy: google != newsgroups.  you have conflated the two.12:20
lkclthat is like saying, "google is on the internet, therefore i'm not going to use the internet"12:21
lkcl"google uses TCP/IP therefore i'm not going to use TCP/IP"12:21
mepyWell no...12:21
mepyGoogle is acting like a proxy(?)12:22
lkclcorrect.  which means you can find any other proxy.12:22
mepyFortunately I can surf the interent without google ins't it?12:22
mepyYep, I hope so12:22
lkclnot "hope so", "fact so"12:23
lkclit's a bit more of a pain in the ass to set up, but it is a fact that you can do so12:23
mepyBut what is different? Can I "access", write to "them" directly?12:23
lkclthere are unmoderated and there are moderated newsgroups.  it is entirely at the discretion of the creators of the newsgroup.12:24
lkclcomp.arch is unmoderated12:24
mepyI mean, you can still browse a website nowadays. But this kind of things "seems to be" (I think they are) a different kind of thing12:24
mepybrowse _an old website_* lol12:25
mepyHope for your understanding12:25
lkclsci.physics is moderated.12:25
mepyWell, ok12:25
mepy"Do  have to type `comp.arch` in my browser url field?" lol12:26
mepyDo I*12:26
lkclthat will try to go to http://comp.arch12:26
lkcltry this12:27
sorearyou need a server, not just a client12:27
sorearunless your ISP still runs one but I think most stopped12:28
lkclsorear: ah.  sad. that's a pity12:28
mepyI do not use Chrome... is that an extension to navigate them?12:29
mepyMhm interesting. I need a server.12:29
mepyMaybe because there is not a central server where messages are stored?12:29
sorearI haven't tried to use usenet since ca. 2005-2010 so I'm not sure what the public server options are these days12:29
mepyI read something about that, there should be a term for that I do not remember what though12:30
sorearevery usenet server connects to other servers and copies the messages between them so that all servers for a given group end up with all of the messages12:30
sorearif you run a server you have to choose which groups to carry12:31
mepyAnd being them text-only it occupies so few space on the disk! Isn't it?12:31
sorearha ha ha12:31
sorearbefore bittorrent got big there was this thing called alt.binaries12:31
mepynice nice...12:32
soreargot a new movie release?  split it up into 37 RAR files and attach each one to a usenet post12:32
mepyCool... cool12:32
sorear(of all pieces of proprietary software that became extremely entrenched without any obvious advantage, WinRAR is one of the most confusing)12:33
mepyI think text-only would suffice for chatting and community things12:35
lkclmepy: https://wiki.debian.org/UseNet12:36
mepyThank you12:41
mepyI think I should find an article about "How would you connect to a newsgroup in the past"12:41
mepyThere is always someone who writes about historic things...12:42
mepy(Forgot to mention you lkcl:)12:43
soreari just used slrn12:43
soreareven text-only high-activity mailing lists and newsgroups add up over the years12:45
mepy(Is the colon )12:59
mepyneeded when "tagging" someone?13:00
mepyMaybe it depends by the client...13:00
sorearthe clients I've used in the past will beep if my nick is mentioned anywhere in the line13:01
mepyMine too I think. There is a rule for that.13:01
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mepyI found a good newsgroup reader20:14
mepyNow I need a good server lol20:14
mepyI do not like the one I am using right now20:15
mepyAlso the thing I really cannot understand is why many of them are empty! :,(21:02
mepyI would be interested in the very old discussions but it seems there are any! :/21:03
programmerjake[ma lot of the servers don't keep messages older than a certain cutoff21:12
mepyI thoguht I could use them to read all the nice old stuff.21:16
mepyWrong assumption21:16
mepyAnyway, I think I do not like the fact that to post something I need to put my email :/21:18
mepyIt not very much private I think. Also if someone would like to do so with friends only, the post can be seen by anyone.21:18
mepyIt really is an old thing... maybe in the past there were not many people with internet connection. Or IDK... would you write something there, leaving your email visible to everyone?21:19
programmerjake[midk but you can probably use a fake email address?21:31
mepy15 min to meeting? ...21:45
mepylol I received the reminder21:45
lkcl10 mins21:52
lkcllxo: ^21:52
lxo*nod*, thanks, already preparing to call in21:57
lxohuh, 404 Not Found?!?21:59
lxoreload is the internet's "did you try to power it off and on again?"21:59
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lxoa ÇPU is a CPU with a cedilla, whatever that means23:51
programmerjake[mI put some crazier ideas down in the email...23:55
programmerjake[mhope they don't just show up as the missing character box23:55

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