Saturday, 2021-03-06

lxolkcl, sorry, I regret having even thought it might have been a good idea :-(00:37
lkcllxo: i think i've finally got through to him by asking him to be more respectful (long story)00:58
lkcland he's finally written back with some notes on the internal discussion that took place inside IBM00:59
cesar[m]1I've just successfully simulated the first ever hardware implementation of a Simple-V loop.12:41
cesar[m]1lkcl: Will push later today, after cleaning up the commit.12:42
lkclcesar[m]1: fantastic!19:28
lkcl"Make the raw opcode input port of the decoder stay stable"19:28
lkclyes that's a good idea.  i thought about doing that19:29

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