Thursday, 2021-03-11

programmerjake[mlkcl: lkcl_: you online? I tried to contact you directly via matrix's irc bridge but it failed02:55
programmerjake[malso, why'd you change your username?02:56
*** programmerjake[m is now known as programmerjake03:17
lkcl_i didn't, it's an automatic rotating cycle by hexchat if one handle is reserved, underscores are appended10:50
lkcl_it's a standard trick of irc clients, to make sure that people can remain connected to the rooms they're in11:24
*** Ultrasauce_ is now known as Ultrasauce13:32
lxosegher, why are you trying to confuse richi :-) by saying long calls work the way he misdescribed them, namely, as if they were annotations at the call sites?18:37
lxo(and then giving an example in which they clearly aren't)18:38
segherlxo: talk on the #gcc channel please18:47
lkcl_cesar[m]2, i'm just going through a LD/ST example in ISACaller19:27
lkcl_see if i can get it to do 2x LDs/STs19:27
lkcl_ahh i think ironically i might have already run into a problem with stw19:29
lkcl_when RA=019:29
lkcl_of course, it has to be the *full* register (7 bits) that is tested == 019:29
programmerjakewhich python file is the one that you can import to get the list of SVP64 instructions?21:27
programmerjakelkcl_ ^21:27
lkcl_sorry was downstairs22:07
programmerjakesetvl doesn't appear to be included...22:51
programmerjakeyup, setvl's not in any of the csv files22:52
programmerjakelkcl_: should I just create another csv file to contain setvl?22:53
lkcl_programmerjake, yes23:37
lkcl_opcode 2223:38
lkcl_also needed is the pseudocode23:39
lkcl_which would be pretty much exactly what's in
lkcl_i've not done setvl pseudocode because all of the initial unit tests don't actually need it23:40
lkcl_instead the simulations set initial_svstate *directly*23:41
programmerjakelkcl_ thx, I'll work on the c++ header generating code more later...visiting with family23:56
programmerjakeunless, of course, someone else ends up adding the csv file before I get back to it :)23:58

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