Thursday, 2021-03-25

lxosorry I couldn't be there.  it was the most stressful power outage ever; the later meeting I had to be on was extremely important for me04:23
lxoI had to clue when the outage would be over, the meeting time was approaching, and the storm poured on and on04:23
programmerjakesounds like you might need a battery backup :)04:41
lkcllxo: if you have 3G / LTE in your area consider getting a "Pokefi"05:16
lkclit is a pay-as-you-go international roaming WIFI-LTE router05:16
lkclwith a *2 years* lifetime on the PAYG payment05:17
lxoprogrammerjake, I got plenty of batteries and UPSes, but power was out for very long05:18
lxoI could have got internet through mobile, if I were desperate enough.  power returned early enough that I didn't have to worry about it05:19
lxobut I endured it offline to save the power in the batteries05:19
lkcllxo: we have two Pokefis.  they are "just in case"05:23
lxomy fallback is mobile, but I'm hardly ever dependent on internet.  heck, I could probably even have phoned in.  it would be an expensive intl call, but still...  landlines usually work even when power is out05:25
programmerjakehmm, I've not had a landline at all in at least the past 5 years...either google voice or mobile05:34
lxome, I'm planning to ditch the mobile phone in favor of a 0G device05:35
programmerjakea old radio telephone? or did you mean something else?05:38
lxoprogrammerjake, I mean 0G as in
programmerjakeah, neat!07:00
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