Friday, 2021-03-26

mepyIs lkcl online?16:23
lkclmepy: just ask the question.  i'll see it when i see it.16:58
lkclotherwise, you walk away, i walk away, and the conversation never takes place.16:58
mepyHello everyone17:00
mepyHi lkcl17:00
mepyI would like to upload an image to the website. Can I do it myself "quickly" using git? (Speaking of git, do I eventually need to clone everything to just upload a file?) or in case I send the image to you? Cheers17:03
mepyHi programmerjake17:03
programmerjakeyou can use git clone --depth=1 ... to just download the latest revision17:06
programmerjakeyes, you do need to clone a repo to use git to upload stuff17:06
programmerjakethough...the wiki repo isn't very big, so I wouldn't bother trying to reduce download usage17:07
mepyprogrammerjake what the command would look like?17:10
mepyI mean, what is the right repo to clone?17:10
mepy"libreriscv.git" I suppose17:11
programmerjakegit clone --depth=1
programmerjakeor git clone --depth=1 ssh://
programmerjakeif you want to upload via git, lkcl will need to grant your ssh public key write access17:14
mepyI need to create one eventually (ssh keys)17:15
programmerjakeand you'll need to use the ssh url17:15
mepyI am in a new old laptop17:15
programmerjakerun ssh-keygen17:15
programmerjakethen email lkcl your ~/.ssh/ file (never send anyone your private key, which is in ~/.ssh/idrsa)17:16
mepydo I need passphrase?17:16
programmerjakeit's a good idea17:17
programmerjakeif you set it to the same as your user's password, then when you login, it'll probably automatically use it to unlock your ssh key17:18
programmerjakemeaning you won't have to type your password everytime you use git17:18
mepyk thank you17:19
mepyI do not want to make mistakes tbh...17:20
programmerjakewell, you can always recreate your ssh key if you mess up...17:20
programmerjakethough you'll have to get everyone/everything that knows your old pub key to update17:21
mepyyep. Thanks17:23
mepyGuys gotta go. See you later. lkcl: I am going to send you an email.17:41
mepyBye programmerjake and thanks17:41

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