Sunday, 2021-03-28

programmerjakethought I'd post this here in case anyone's interested:
programmerjakeI just wrote that in 4hr since I'm planning on showing my friend how to make a simple cpu later today ... untested, but it's a complete RV32I CPU (except for it's missing fence, ecall, ebreak, and csr operations, and it doesn't do full illegal operation checking)11:29
lkcland hilarious12:05
lkclheads-up i just made a rather invasive change to the size of the SPR regfile, to get gate count down for the ls180nm tape-out16:50
mepylkcl have you seen the git page?22:12
mepyAnyway, can I add a toc to the beginning of the HDL workflow page?22:13
mepy(I am going to ask)22:13
mepy(Should I ask this in the mailing list instead?)*22:13
mepy(mail sent, but not a big change anyway.)22:23
*** mepy <mepy!~mepy@> has left #libre-soc22:23

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