Friday, 2021-04-09

lkclChips4Makers: successfully managed to upload a short loop and execute it on the cxxrtl simulation10:21
Chips4Makerslkcl: If you could provide a short program that changes GPIO like blinking or so, that would be easy to do as test on real chip.10:30
lkclChips4Makers, yeah that's a good one.  have to fit it into a ridiculously small number of instructions though10:35
programmerjakewell, how's this for small instruction count:
programmerjakejust replace constants with real values and you have blinky lights!11:16
programmerjake^ Ch    ips4Makers lkcl11:16
programmerjake8 instructions!11:18
lkclprogrammerjake: ooOoo :)12:37
lkclhey neat, using CTR12:37
lkclahh yeah, creating 32-bit offsets from immediates, requires 5 instructions *sigh*12:39
lkclChips4Makers, any day meeting (preferably afternoon) is good for me13:51
lkclChips4Makers: i upgraded to the latest ghdl (to fix a missing IEEE function in yosys ghdl plugin)14:28
lkcli'm now getting "multiple assignments for "sff_m" offsets 0:0"14:29
lkclin sff1r_x4.vhdl14:29
lkcl(after conversion from vbe to vhdl)14:29
lkclany clues14:29
Chips4MakersI don't think you may assign a signal in two different processes.14:42
Chips4MakersAnyway I don't use vbe files anymore. Maybe you can use the vhd model of the PDKMaster FreePDK45 release ?14:42
lkclChips4Makers: ahh good idea14:46
Chips4Makerslkcl: I don't know though if I have tested the VHDL, it can be that I tested the Verilog model.14:49
lkclas long as i've got something.  vhdl would be better14:50
lkclwhere are the cells?14:50
Chips4MakersThe models are part of the release file:
Chips4Makersin views/FreePDK45/FlexLib/vhdl directory of tarball.14:52
lkclgetting there....14:52
lkclwhewww took a while14:53
lkclngggggh nsxlib/sff1r_x4.vhd:48:1:error: latch infered for net "sff_m"14:56
lkclfrickin 'ell :)14:58
* lkcl exasperated :)15:00
lkclit might be possible to use the verilog freepdk45 library cells instead15:00
lkclone thing after another :)15:01
Chips4MakersI think you can easily fix the converted vbe file:
Chips4MakersThis analyzes and elaborates.15:10
lkclahh good, you know what you're doing.  i don't :)15:19
lkclretrospectively i can see what you did15:19
lkclbasic test ( actually damn well works15:24
lkclthat's pre-layout15:24
lkcli.e. after blif2vst extraction15:24
lkclChips4Makers, thank you for that correct vhd file, it worked15:28

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