Thursday, 2021-04-08

Chips4Makerslkcl: Should I be able to copy from litex/florent to soclayout/experiments9 and run make there ?08:31
Chips4MakersI get following error: hurricane.HurricaneError: [ERROR] No .model or cell named <$mem> has been found.08:31
lkclsigh: only with a version of yosys up to Yosys 0.9+4008 (git sha1 049e3abf9,10:27
lkclnot after that point10:27
lkclChips4Makers: long story10:27
lkclif you check in the git revision history, that was the point where they changed...10:29
lkclok, hold on to your hat:10:29
lkclyosys changed over from $mem to $memwr ports some time in december10:30
lkclhowever they *also* fixed some bugs but those were fixed *later*, and the two bugsets overlap10:30
lkcldeep breath10:30
lkclyou have to *litex compile* with this version: Yosys 0.9+3981 (git sha1 a3528649,10:31
lkclthen in the coriolis2 chroot compile with *this* version: Yosys 0.9+4008 (git sha1 049e3abf9,10:31
lkcli know - it's awful.  it's what i could find that "worked"10:31
lkclthis is temporary, whilst the manual layout is relying on looking for "$mem"10:52
lkclif we want to try switching to latest-master-yosys it has to be coordinated with Jean-Paul, who has to redesign the P&R to use $memrd and $memwr ports10:53
lkclthis would be really good to raise a bugreport with yosys that the older $mem really needs to stay in as a compile-time option.10:53
lkclit works!;a=tree;f=small_jtag_test;hb=HEAD14:45

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