Sunday, 2021-04-11

lkclcesar[m]1: excellent01:12
lkclbtw "new_dstmask.eq(1<<shift)" would be more efficient / effective than bit_select(x,1).eq(1)01:13
lkclusing bit_select() as an assignment expression creates a ton of extraneous gates01:14
lkclalso - you'll like this: srcstep can be set exactly to 1<<r3 :)01:14
lkclno need to go through the process of skipping: if current srcstep < (1<<r3) then srcstep can be set *equal* to (1<<r3)01:16
lkclCR predication is interesting, it's a little easier, in some ways, just read one CR at a time (per element operation) and use bit_select to get the one to test if it is equal to "inv"01:17
cesar[m]1If we are zero mode, srcstep=1<<r3 is not right, we must operate on the zero mask bits as well.01:21
cesar[m]1srcstep=r3, actually.01:21
lkclerr... err... ah! yes. i forgot about zero-mode. doh.01:22
lkclyes, nonzeroing would have to be taken into consideration01:22
Chips4Makerslkcl: I pushed WIP of using C4M FreePDK45 for synthesis and P&R. soclayout/experiments9/freepdk_c4m45. I did not change anything yet in which was copied from tsmc_c018. `make vst` works, `make lvx` fails.17:05
lkclChips4Makers: fantastic17:07
Chips4MakersOK, will need to add VHDL/Verilog files for IO cells though.17:07
lkcli switched to verilog btw17:07
lkclthis should in theory allow a more up-to-date yosys17:08
lkclbtw the names of the niolib cells clash with the names of the signals: iovss, iovdd, etc.17:08
lkclone or the other will need to be changed17:09
lkclin the soc-cocotb-sim i've renamed the entities to cmpt_iovdd (etc.) temporarily17:09
Chips4MakersModels done.17:15
Chips4MakersI don't do niolib, that you have arrange with JP.17:16
lkclChips4Makers, ahh ok18:02
lkclChips4Makers: ah i know what that is. i removed some of the litex peripherals, Jean-Paul created a "manual" pin layout (rather than use the auto-generated one that i specifically created so that mistakes like this don't happen)18:30
lkcland it hasn't been updated18:30
lkcli'll see if removing the hand-created (incorrect) ioPadsSpecs and replacing them with the auto-generated ones work18:35
lkclChips4Makers: it does18:38
lkclhowever *sigh* i added in the version without the SPBlock_4ksram18:38
lkcli need to rest.18:39
lkclFreePDK45 build is underway now21:15
lkclsoclayout latest commit21:17

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