Wednesday, 2021-05-12

jn__i talked to a few people in ##ppc64 today, about the origins of the term "problem state" -- turns out it goes back (at least) to S/36001:53
programmerjakethey gave us 8-bit bytes too, so it can't all be bad...:P01:54
jn__"The choice between supervisor and problem state determines whether the full set of instructions is valid. The names of these states reflect their normal use."01:57
programmerjakeI'd always just incorrectly assumed problem state was something related to recovering from faults/exceptions02:00
programmerjakedidn't yet read that part of the openpower spec02:00
jn__i assumed the name derived from "the state in which (math) problems are solved", but i can't quite substantiate this idea with the documentation i've read02:02
jn__on a side note, the S/360 Principles of Operation manual is fascinating to read02:03
jn__(or that of any later generation)02:04
jn__"To the problem programmer, the supervisory program and the equipment are indistinguishable." -- what a gem of a sentence02:05
programmerjakehmm, guess they didn't have eBPF yet....02:06
jn__ here's my favorite lecture on OS/36002:08
lkclcesar[m]1, do bear in mind that NLnet donations are tax-deductible charitable donations!05:48
lkclyou have to declare them on your earnings, but depending on the law in your country (which an Accountant will know very well), you may not need to pay tax on it05:49
lkclChips4Makers[m], i'm not going to move the sky130a MPW2 forward as a submission.07:56
lkclapologies again for not consulting you about FlexLib-Sky130 timelines07:57
lkcli was... "overexcited" about the possibility of Sky130a-FlexLib-coriolos207:57
* lkcl waves to henriok16:28
lkclhenriok: any clues as to why the Libre-SOC page is not showing up in the Categories?16:30
lkclit's not automatic it has to be hand-edited16:33
omoitiHello, I came across this open source project while looking for libre chip design projects and wanted to see if it is possible to contribute.23:21
omoitiI am comfortable with C,C++, and python. I am also familiar with FPGAs and VHDL from university.23:21
omoitiI wanted to look into some of the bugs in bugzilla but they appear to be assigned.23:21
omoitiAre there bugs available or any other tasks that would be good to work on to become familiar with the project? Thanks.23:21
jn__omoiti: Hey cool, welcome!23:24
jn__one potentially rather useful kind of thing to do would be to clean up the unit tests so that they all pass23:25
jn__(and of course there's the "How Can I Help as a Developer?" section on the website, which explains various aspects of development)23:27
jn__if you're interested in unit test results, you can look here:  (or run them locally)23:28
omoitiOkay. Okay, I can look into the unit tests. When looking at the gitlab link, would the commits that failed the unit tests have the red 'x' for failed next to them?23:44
jn__that's where GitLab indicates the test result23:46
jn__you can get to the log by following the red x23:46
jn__( is not an official part of libre-soc, it's just a mirror that i set up, in order to use GitLab's CI system)23:47
omoitiOkay that makes sense. Also, after looking through the git repositories on, is there a specific repository with unit tests?23:49
omoitiOr are they spread throughout the repositories?23:49
jn__i think they're mostly on soc.git, but i'm not sure23:49
jn__i'd have to investigate to answer this competently :)23:50

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