Wednesday, 2021-05-19

klyshave you guys heard of "conductive" (0.6 ohm/cm) graphene plastic filaments?  I found 100g going for $600 on ebay01:14
lkclhave now! :)02:34
programmerjakelkcl: some potentially relevant reading:
lkclprogrammerjake, thx09:53
lkclha, sv.stfsu works.  updated a *pair* of EA GPRs in a Vector loop of 214:46
lkclwhich the following sv.lfs was able to use.14:47
jn__This (from #skywater-pdk) is likely interesting to some here:17:50
jn__<mkk__> [matt venn, skywater-pdk] I'm thinking of hosting an Open Source ASIC conference! If you're interested, please fill in this form:
lkcljn__, nice! good find19:46
programmerjakevoted for using jitsi19:53
lkclthere's a way to vote on jitsi?19:59
jn__yes, click "other" on the list of conference solutions, and enter "Jitsi"20:00
jn__"How should we host it?"20:00
lkclyes. i answered "exactly like XDC2020, FOSDEM2021 and Debconf did it, i.e. using jitsi+element/matrix or jitsi+freenode"20:06
jn__good answer20:07
rscBtw, are there plans to move away from Freenode?21:34
programmerjakei'm about 3min ahead of you21:36
lkclmeeting 5m21:56
lkcllxo, ^21:56

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