Thursday, 2021-05-20

programmerjakelkcl did someone record the chat?00:32
programmerjakethe jitsi android app won't let me copy text, and logging in with a web browser just shows the most recent messages00:33
programmerjakeI created a zip file with screenshots of the chat, putting on ftp server for now...01:09
programmerjakenvm I forgot the credentials for 😅01:14
*** raster <raster!~raster@enlightenment/developer/raster> has left #libre-soc10:44
programmerjakelkcl: still getting:18:14
programmerjakejacob@jacob-desktop:~$ sftp -P922 ftp@libre-soc.org18:14's password:18:14
programmerjakemind fixing?18:14
lkclprogrammerjake, the two keys are build-server and hp-probook22:42
lkclthey're there22:42
programmerjakebuild-server is not what I expected...I am using jacob-desktop22:43
lkcloh, and i noticed jacob-desktop is there as well22:43
lkclahh hang on, a space removed22:44
lkcltry again22:44
lkclnot 3os/H jacob@jacob-desktop22:44
programmerjakemeeting chat screenshots uploaded to
lkcl_programmerjake: star22:48

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