Sunday, 2021-06-06

programmerjakeI got my first commit in rustc proper!
programmerjakejust adding compile tests05:54
klyshave some chips been fabbed already?06:24
programmerjakenot with a full cpu yet, the deadline for what was originally a december (iirc) tapeout has been pushed back to last fri iirc, assuming all goes as planned we'll have chips in a month or two06:27
programmerjakethere was a chip made with just some test gates and stuff, march 2020 or so06:27
klysyes I was looking.  who has that?06:28
programmerjakejust Staf iirc06:28
klyshas software been developed for it06:28
programmerjakethe march test chip? it has no cpu, can't run software.06:29
klysokay then06:29
programmerjakethe one that's hopefully taping out now? yes, though iirc it only has a few kB ram so don't expect to run full linux06:30
klyswhy so little ram when larger spi chips are cheap?06:30
programmerjakebecause the ram is on-board. it can access much larger external ram, but i can't remember if we got that wired up06:31
klysI have a riscv k210 sipeed maix dock for example, and it has 8 MB (32 Mbit), and the spi chip is obsolete on digi-key iirc.06:32
programmerjakeI'd expect that that's actually 8MB flash, which is quite different than ram06:33
klysmm right06:33
klyswhere in nmigen is the wiring to the (ddr?) ram chip, if you know today?06:35
programmerjakethe chip has a sram block designed by staf, or, if that's not working, we're going to have 256B of ram made from flip flops06:35
programmerjakethe current design doesn't support ddr ram yet06:35
programmerjakehaven't seen that acronym before...06:36
klysedo ram is the ram that came before ddr06:36
klyslike pc13306:37
programmerjakeah. i've only ever seen it called dram and sdram06:37
klysthe external ram, could you describe it a little06:38
programmerjakei don't know that we have one...we could read flash from sw though. check with lkcl, he should know for sure, I may have missed it06:39
klysokay thank you jake06:39
klyslkcl ^06:40
lkcl-all peripherals are done with an external peripheral generator12:37
lkcl-which we'll be replacing in future versions12:38
lkcl-that peripheral generator has support for generating sdram12:38
lkcl-it's automatic12:38
Chips4Makers[m]klys: Measurement report on test chip:
klyschips4makers[m], that's wonderful, thank you.23:46
programmerjakeChips4Makers that's quite nice!23:50

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