Monday, 2021-06-07

lkcl-Chips4Makers[m]: great report. good to hear about the SRlatch.  was the FlexLib Standard Cell Library also part of the test?02:52
Chips4Makers[m]lkcl-: the rest of flexlib is a subset of of nsxlib with same schematic, it was not considered needed to be tested.08:48
lkcl-Chips4Makers[m], ahh okay10:28
lkcl-Chips4Makers[m], how important is it to you to have the PLL and the SRAM respectively in the 180nm tape-out?10:55
lkcl-by that i mean - and i appreciate that this is a really tough choice - is each of them so critically important to you that it is more important than missing the 9th Jun deadline?10:56
lkcl-ironically, one advantage of missing the 9th jun deadline is, we have 2 days to complete the NGI POINTER10:57
Chips4Makers[m]lkcl-: We already got extension from imec from last week Wednesday for delivering the GDS. I'm afraid we'll need to move the tape-out. Let's relax now and then I need to look closer at the testing of the chip, as it will likely not meet NGI0 deadline.11:16
lkcl-Chips4Makers[m], ok sensible11:23
lkcl-well, we can ask to cover it with NGI POINTER11:24

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