Monday, 2021-06-28

*** lx0 is now known as lxo10:04
lkcltwin +/- FMAC is working, that's phase 2 of the DCT/DFT augmentations19:12
lkclit's quite fascinating, how many uses FFT/DCT/DFT has, and really quite scary the amount of code and assembler needed23:14
lkclthe wikipedia page for Cooley-Tukey does warn though that solving the bit-reverse LOAD isn't the full picture23:14
lkclthere's also the fact that the L1/L2 caches get hit by "distributed" data23:15
lkcland of course, it's all on power-of-two boundaries23:15
lkclwhich means that there's the risk of hitting the exact same cache line for the array data23:16
lkclhilarously, finding efficient simple *scalar* algorithms is challenging23:17

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