Tuesday, 2021-06-29

macpijanHello, I am Maciej Pijanowski from 3mdeb.14:15
macpijanWe were reached by lkcl and we would like to try to help in the C simulator and unit testing area14:15
macpijanI have registered on the ML already. I went to bugzilla then. The https://libre-soc.org/HDL_workflow/ asays "sign up in the usual way." although I cannot find the registration link anywhere here https://bugs.libre-soc.org/14:17
macpijanAm I missing something obvious?14:17
lkclmacpijan: ah apologies, we had some people trying to advertise juniper networks products via bugreports15:09
lkclso i had to disable the bugzilla registration link15:09
lkcllet me know an email address and i'll add it for you, then you can set the password15:10
lkclyou're happy with the charter btw? https://libre-soc.org/charter/15:12
lkclany questions do ask15:12
lkclmacpijan: i added your 3mdeb email, this gives you a login, you can then set a password and also change everything - including the email address15:44
macpijanThank you, will check that later today. Can you please also add krystian.hebel@3mdeb.com ? Thanks!15:45
lkcldone.  the counter-example dilbert cartoons are particularly funny https://libre-soc.org/charter/discussion/15:49
lkclif you find any better ones do let me know :)15:49
lkclmacpijan, i spoke to peter hsu btw, he'd be delighted to have remote gdb added16:21
lkclhe did a proprietary version of the simulator many years ago, and is now recreating it as libre-licensed16:21
lkclthe proprietary version had remote gdb access16:21

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